Trinidad and Tobago: All Ah We is One

Trinidad and Tobago: All Ah We is One

They were here again – the Paparazzi!  We strolled confidently towards the melee, the crowds parted, camera shutters clicking.  They began “I want one of you together”, “She wants her picture with you”.  We obliged, we were ready! It was our 14th time playing Mas at Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.  We recognised the looks of … Continued

Thank You: The unfiltered soul of Bengaluru, India

Thank you, Bangalore, for your gentle blue skies as invigorating as a cup of filter coffee; your occasionally blushing sun; your fragrant rains from a refreshing sprinkle to ruinous raging downpours; and, your visually arresting cloudscapes like slow-moving frescoes painted on the sky. Thank you for your vibrance; houses painted in pastel orange, purple, green, … Continued

Denmark: Hamlet and I

Kronborg castle, with its boardwalk suicide ghosts that wear nostalgia as mourning dress- that was where Hamlet and I grew up. I came back to the country that had given us refuge during the war. Denmark with its warmth emanating mirages in the middle of winter, those stuffed date stands along the Strøget in Copenhagen, … Continued

Urban Dweller in Kenya

There was no mistaking the intent behind that glare, the blaze of a malicious death-ray. We had inadvertently got between her, on the trail, and her baby on the riverbank, a regrettable error in the southern Kenya bush. She scanned our little group, stolidly selecting the one she intended to grasp in those giant jaws … Continued

Where is my map to the world?

I don’t know how I ended up in Narita airport that night, curled up by the window using my Jansport as a pillow and trying to find rest while a night janitor vacuumed not far away. I  remember staring, fully awake, past the hum of jet engines to what I knew was the skyline of … Continued

Natures Good Side in Australia

After three days of constant packing, driving, and roadside camping, I was relieved to make a longer than usual stop in Byron Bay, a famous beachside town on Australians east coast. Slowly, my girlfriend and I had journeyed up from Sydney, stopping at Forster and Coffs Harbour along the way for a night before our … Continued

Under Skies Without End Over Vilnius, Lithuania

  Under Skies Without End:  Hot Air Ballooning Over Vilnius, Lithuania             The fields glow in the late evening sun, bathed in Northern latitude light, buzzing with energy as small groups find their places near large baskets that look far too heavy to be lifted into the air, especially laden with a half dozen passengers … Continued

Miracle of the forest in India

        From Mumbai we were travelling towards southern part of India.  Krishna was driving the car.  The Konkan way consists of one of the most amazing and beautiful roads for a peaceful journey. In some places the roads and rail lines run together and kiss each other and then separate to different … Continued

Croagh Patrick, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

Croagh Patrick, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Knock Airport, Co. Mayo is claimed by proud locals to be the foggiest airport on earth; it is remote, built on a hill and, reassuringly, has a large statue of Jesus at the beginning of the runway. Once safely alongside, we walked across the tarmac, rain beating down, to … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel