Green-Blue Sea, Cyprus

Aug 22, 2017

By Elena Pitsilidou

Green- Blue Sea, Cyprus

Independence feels like the cold green-blue water of the Mediterranean. To be more precise, the cold green-blue water around my island, Cyprus. I get this feeling of freedom around May when I get into my car and I’m driving to the southeast coast. The windows are open, the sun is shining on the spotless sky, and the radio plays summer hits. The temperature is just right-not too hot. I get a feeling that this time of the year is a celebration of life; cicadas are singing non-stop, insects fly around, and flowers are blooming. The scenery invites you to feel free and alive.
I park my car and I’m walking to the beach. This time of the year is not too crowded as most locals consider May a bit too cold for swimming. The smell of burning sand, fresh fish and sunscreen tickles my nostrils. I take off my sunglasses because I want to admire the green-blue of the sea; an original colour which blends with the golden sand and the light blue of the sky. I feel ready to dive into this infinite freedom; a freedom that seduces you to feel weightless and able to cheat gravity.
I take off my slippers; I’m not in a hurry, I want to enjoy the path to absolute freedom. My toes sink into the hot sand; I can feel the delicate texture of tiny rocks under my feet. Step by step I reach the spot where the water makes love to the sand. The two elements become one; earth and water meet and I stand there with my eyes fixed on the horizon. I continue walking, hypnotised by the sound of waves crushing on the rocks and my body in now half-covered by the clear, cold water. I feel cold but it’s not uncomfortable. It’s the kind of cold that makes your heart fly and prepares you for the first dive. I stay still for a while; I want my body to be adjusted as the first dive is always a great shock.
Here I go; head down, hands slightly above my head and jump! I’m free! I open my eyes and I can feel the sea salt burning me. It’s blurry but I feel I can see so clearly. I’m now a part of the green-blue water. I swim for some seconds, my body nearly touches the sandy bottom and I can only hear my heart beating and some squeaking which I never understood where it’s coming from. This is the moment I feel completely free; the few seconds where I become a part of nature and I am completely submerged in the green-blue water. This silence, this serenity, feels extraordinary; and I wish I could breathe underwater, I have the same dreams I had when I was a child: Why can’t I breathe underwater? Why can’t my world be as peaceful as this world down here?
I can feel the oxygen reducing in my body. I need to swim upwards towards the bright light. My head appears on the surface and I take a deep breath. Then, I move my legs upwards and I’m lying on the surface looking at the blue sky with my ears still submerged underwater. This is freedom; this is happiness, away from anxiety of everyday life. I love water, I love living on an island where I can always escape through this underwater world.

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Elena Pitsilidou

My name is Elena Pitsilidou and I'm 28 years old. I was born and grew up in Cyprus. I am a Forensic Psychology graduate and currently I'm studying for a second degree in English Literature as I discovered that creative writing is something I love and a skill I would like to develop. I love travelling, learning new languages, photography, writing, reading, and I love spending time with animals.

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