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Work with the We Said Go Travel Global Alliance. Our recent project for Luxe Hotels did 12 million impressions in 6 days on #LuxeExperience.  Can one influencer make a difference? Lisa went to Dublin and was in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. There were 3500 people in the Guinness Storehouse over 5 days with 300 instagrams #StoreHouseStory:

  • 12% photos from Lisa (36)
  • 35% Likes on Lisa’s photos (1263/ 3579)
  • 19% of comments (31/164)

She can do this for you and your brand too!


We Said Go Travel is a Passport to a Global Community.  Lisa Niver  shares her ongoing exotic international adventures which include authentic nomadic experiences and cultural highlights.  Get inspired by stories from every continent published by over 1600 travelers and writers from mover 75 countries.  Connect with tens of thousands of readers who share their personal journeys, photos and comments from every continent. Gain global awareness and immerse yourself in other cultures.


Brands, Visitors Associations and Hotels we work with:  Palau Visitor’s Association, Philippines, Nepal Tourism Board, PACTO Indonesia, United Airlines and the Oscars, Nokia, Outrigger Hotels, Aqua Lotus, Tune Hotels, Becca Swimwear, Lucy Clothing, Uber, Gogobot, University of Pennsylvania LifeLong Learning Webinar Presenter.


We Said Go Travel have recently hosted seven successful travel events in Oahu, Hawaii, Los Angeles, California and an online webinar for the University of Pennsylvania in 2013. With National Meet Plan Go sponsored by Intrepid Travel in 2011, they created one of the largest of all 17 national events with over 100 interested and committed travelers.

We Said Go Travel Stats as of April 1, 2015


  • Pagerank: 5
  • Rank in USA (Alexa): Top 115,000 site in United States (114, 732)
  • Page Authority: 51
  • Domain Authority: 41
  • Page Views: 22,417/month (Google Analytics)
  • Unique Views: 9,342 /month (Google Analytics)
  • Global Alexa: 287,061
  • USA Alexa: 109, 349
  • Similar Web Travel: 15, 239
  • Monthly Reach by themidgame: 24923


  • Twitter: 5300+
  • YouTube: 325,000+ views, 10,000/month
  • Facebook: 3200+
  • Instagram: 1780+
  • Pinterest: 1160+
  • Google + : 4200+
  • Linkedin: 1900+
  • Klout: 70 rated an expert in 20 topics
  • Kred Travel: 999 rated top 1% elite influencer in travel
  • Global Kred: 894
  • TrustCloud: 786
  • Empire Ave: 543e (top 100 dividends in game)


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