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Freedom Fog in the USA


Freedom fog in the USA I woke up early on that magical morning and looked out the window of my grandparents’ lake house in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin. That is, I tried to look out the window, for all I could see was a wall of white. The window squeaked as I rubbed it with my […]

Independence: Feeling Free in the USA


Independence: Feeling Free In the USA Sometimes I feel as if the world isn’t spinning for me anymore. It’s as if the world is spinning but I’m not moving with it. I begin to feel congested with shallow thoughts that ultimately don’t matter, but I know how to always bring myself back. I know how […]

Free to Swim or Sink in the USA


Free to Swim or Sink in the USA The water on the Ocoee River in eastern Tennessee was higher than usual. Luckily, higher water on this river meant my chance of meeting a rock while upside down was lessened. I sat in my borrowed whitewater kayak and, just below me, there was a fall aptly […]

Catch and Release in the USA


Catch and Release in the USA I grew up on Florida’s Nature Coast. When I was five, I watched a Florida Panther lap water at the edge of the Suwannee River behind our home. Never have I felt as wild as I did that day. Not when manatees swam beneath my dangling feet nor when […]

Hollywood: The NICE GUY is OPEN!

lisa katie at nice guy HRD

What is The NICE GUY? The latest bar lounge hybrid experience from John Tezian, Brian Toll, Markus Molinari and Adam Koral of The h.wood Group. John Terzian says, “This is [The h.wood group's] first venture into a restaurant/lounge concept, it was an organic step for our brand, we created a fun and upscale lounge atmosphere […]

Send me on my way in the USA


Send me on my way in the USA Declaring that you’re voluntarily taking a 72 hour trip by train is apparently enough to have people question your sanity. But the time between boarding in Detroit, the 20 degree weather having delayed the train right from the start, and getting back on solid ground in balmy […]

USA: A place to feel free.


I would consider myself a free man. And yet I was pleasantly surprised one day to see a senior member in my living group smiling and saying to me: “You do what you want, not caring what others think about you.” Being thus undoubtedly free within my limited circle of life and work I still […]

You’ll Find Me on the Lake in the USA


By the time I make it to String Lake around midday the beach is already a mess of tots, parents, visitors, and recent high school grads attempting to tan in the middle of Wyoming like they’re on a beach in Cabo. But it looks like I’ll be the first watercraft on the lake this morning. […]

Take Me Out to the Ball Game in the USA


Take Me Out to the Ball Game That’s it; I’ve had a career epiphany. I’m going to be a professional baseball player. It looks pretty easy; there seems to be minimal exertion, which is important to me in any prospective sporting venture. I think even I could run flat out for fifteen metres or so. […]

Traveling Solo in the USA


I admit, deciding to travel to New York by myself was an act of spontaneity but nevertheless, it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Because I booked my flights far in advance, I wondered for some time if I would actually end up going by myself or whether one of my […]