USA TODAY: Barton G. in Los Angeles: Play with Your Food

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Barton G. in Los Angeles: Play with Your Food Bring your celebration here for incredible edible creations with top service and style By Lisa Niver Los Angeles Local ExpertFEBRUARY 4, 2015 Barton G. is fine dining joined with fun dining. After years of success on South Beach in Florida, the restaurant created by Barton G. Weiss is […]

Glacier National Park


The mountains stand as majestic sentinels over the land, and the mountain goats are everyday yard pets. Many Glacier Valley is filled with a series of deep, rich glacial lakes, and on one stands a giant brown hotel. Many Glacier Hotel, built in 1914, sits at the base of Mount Allen, hugging the shores of […]

Salt Water and Fears in the USA


Salt Water and Fears in the USA Cole and I strolled down the side of the highway with our thumbs pointing out and our backpacks weighing us down. The salty air was caressing my face and the warm wind enveloped me, gently assuring me I was in the right place. The humidity was thick and […]

From Row A on the Red Carpet: @United #FilmFriendly

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From Row A on the Red Carpet with United #FilmFriendly Bloggers 2015 the 87th Academy Awards #LosAngeles Video: From Row A on the Red Carpet Our day started at 10:30am with check-in at security. We had all had criminal background checks in order to be on the list. Maybelline offered makeovers and manicures during the […]

Confessions from “The Most Interesting Blogger in the World”

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One of these claims to be “The Most Interesting Blogger in the World” I was surprised when I picked up a copy USAToday and saw an item that cited me as “The first travel blogger.” I doubt it, though I was early to the game, not long after Al Gore invented the Internet. In 1993 […]

Adventures in Arkansas


It all started over dinner in our first apartment. John was cooking, and we were talking about the future, as young people in love are prone to doing.  We were both bemoaning the fact that Stars Hollow, Connecticut, the fictional town from the television show Gilmore Girls, was indeed fictional. Wasn’t there any place in […]

Brave for Spain’s Sake


I think it’s rare in this world to feel so purely at home in somewhere across the globe from where you were born. I think it’s rare, and I also think it’s remarkable. The small city of Granada, Spain evokes that feeling of home so deep inside myself that I can’t separate my soul from […]

New York, New Mistakes


“You know you can come home.” “Thanks, Dad.” “Really.  You can always come back here. Regroup.  Go out again when you feel ready.” “Dad. There’s nothing for me at home.”  I said the word home because, to my dad, home meant Utah.  To me, I still hadn’t found my definition of home yet.  Home felt […]

Carry-On/Carry On in the USA


Carry-On/Carry On by Sarah Vedomske             49 pounds of cotton and denim–that is what my checked bag, my Normal People Luggage, holds. It is a selection of clothing I’ve pained over for weeks, whittling down, rolling tighter and tighter like burritos, rearranging so every last gap is filled like a game of Tetris. I wheel […]

#RedCarpet Ready with @United #FilmFriendly #Oscars

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Thank you to United Airlines for inviting me to see the glamour of the OSCARS tomorrow! I will be sharing from the bleachers with FIVE other amazing writers! Follow these accounts below to enjoy what we will be seeing! United Airlines is the official airline sponsor of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences […]