PennClubLA Summer Events in Los Angeles

PennClubLA Summer Events in Los Angeles

Thank you to PennClubLA for an August of amazing events! I love being part of the vibrant alumni community of University of Pennsylvania! I made many of my lifelong friends while at PENN studying and I met more of them participating in this networking group! The annual summer PennClubLA and the Wharton Alumni Club of … Continued

Running Away to Vienna

The week before I left the States for Vienna, I cried a lot. It all started when a professor came into my spring term class at university and said the German summer study abroad program was short on students. And he was providing scholarships. Next thing I knew I had dropped out of school for … Continued

Manchester: Alone Away From Home

I was twenty-three when I moved from Montreal to Manchester to pursue my Master’s degree. It was my first time living overseas. It was my first time living away from home at all. Twenty-three is late, especially when you consider the number of teenagers who leave home in search of freedom, growth, and independence at … Continued

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