Sam Bradley: Travel Journalist

Sam Bradley: Travel Journalist

Sam Bradley is a travel and adventure enthusiast with a passion for scuba diving, paragliding and sky-diving. He’s travelled to four continents, lived in the Peruvian jungle, tour-guided through most of Southern Africa, run with the bulls in Pamplona and worked as a ski instructor in the States. Sam’s day job is working for Cookson … Continued

The Lowdown on High Tea: Eating in Britain

Let’s talk about British food. I mean, let’s really talk about British food. It’s got a terrible reputation. If you visit, what are you going to find? Breakfast: Every B & B I’ve ever stayed at offered a full English breakfast—or full Scottish or Irish or Welsh breakfast. In Cornwall, where I live, it’s still, … Continued

Thelma and Louise in England

Thelma and Louise in England Dimuthu and I hit the road. We were Thelma and Louise without the murdering and thieving. Dimuthu was my Sri Lankan sister, my twin. We shared a birthday, but she was young and pretty while I was past my best. We came from places half a world apart, yet we … Continued

No Regrets in London, The UK

Regrets are a funny thing. The people that I have surrounded myself with influenced the decisions I have made and have caused me the inexplicable pain of making an important choice. Life altering choices. This is how I find myself sitting in the proverbial heart of the United Kingdom. I sit in a glass orb, … Continued

Trainhopping in Seaford, the UK

No, I’m not back in the Philippines yet. And no, I’m no way near Batanes. This trip was supposed to be “aimless”. One weekend, I was just thinking of train-station-hopping. I just needed an escape! But then on second thought, I might end up disappointed and that would mean wasting some bucks. So I hurriedly … Continued

Britain for the Soul

I come from Singapore, which is a tiny country in South-east Asia. On the world map, it is not more than a mere speck. Hence, when I landed in London, I was awe-struck by the sheer largeness of this sprawling city. The skyscrapers and buildings extended on and on, fading away into a hazy brown … Continued

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