Luxurious Escapes Await: Hilton Cancun and Tulum – All-Inclusive Retreats in Mexico’s Paradise

The Best Girlfriend Getaway: Tulum, Mexico

Go anywhere in Mexico and you will receive a very warm welcome, but Tulum exudes a different kind of friendly. Maybe it’s because the people there have had eons of practice. The Mexican Riviera has been a premier destination for centuries. One of the last cities built by the Mayan people in 1200 BC, the area was … Continued

Mexico: Wrung Out With Pleasure in Tulum

Peeeeeep. Peeeeeep. A long and piercing peep disturbs my slumber. I lie there and pretend I can ignore it. Peeeeep. There it goes again. It’s somewhere around 6:00am and those crazy Mexican sinsonte birds are at it again. I peel off my eye mask and sunlight floods the room. As much as I’d like to sleep … Continued

Tulum, Mexico

The Mayan Riviera’s colectivos traverse the pot-holed, coastal thoroughfare with laughable disregard for anthropological safety. Fighting the vaguely digestive smell inside, I shout “Tulum!” through nine perspiring passengers, and spend the next thirty minutes battling the vertebral hum. Eventually, the white van vomits me onto the highway, and from his quickly-receding window, the driver’s brown … Continued


Found paradise at Mexico’s Caribbean Riviera Maya

This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by Wayne and Pat Dunlap from America. Thanks for your entry Wayne and Pat! What is your description of romantic paradise? How about sitting on a picturesque powdery white sandy beach under a thatch beach palapa sipping a margarita or cerveza (beer) … Continued

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