Spain: Tapas Crawling in Granada

Spain: Tapas Crawling in Granada

Aside from all of the history and beauty of Granada, there is one more thing that makes it unique……FREE Tapas! Granada is one of the last spots in Spain in which tapas are served for free when you order a drink. Tapas come in a variety of sizes and can be hot or cold. And, … Continued

Spain: Discovering La Rambla Barcelona

Groups of girls tittered and huddled together whispering. Middle-aged couples strolling arm in arm glanced then looked away. The agitation and flurry of interest seemed to be growing as someone in the ambulating crowd neared our table. Munching on paella and sipping sangria I glanced up to see what all the fuss was about. Down … Continued

Spain: Rejuvenate in Majorca

Located a few hundred kilometers south of Barcelona, Spain, Majorca is a longtime favorite getaway for many Spanish tourists. Travellers visiting the small Mediterranean island of Mallorca spend the majority of their time enjoying world class sailing, rock climbing on cliffs overlooking crystal blue ocean waters, swimming at secluded beaches and breaking out the binoculars … Continued

Spain: One Million Steps

A million is a rough estimate of the number of steps I took while walking the Camino de Santiago. I made the calculation on day 13 of my trek as I walked along a portion of the path that was parallel to a highway with kilometer markers. Over the course of a kilometer, I counted … Continued

Valencia – City of Ghosts

Valencia is not particularly well known. No image of it came to my mind, but a quick Google search informed me it was Spain’s third city, birthplace of paella, and cheap, so it seemed ideal for a getaway. It would turn out to be far more interesting. After arrival we head to the chief attraction. … Continued

Basque Country: Home is where the Pueblo is

It was exactly what I had in mind when I applied to teach in the Basque Country; green hills, a strange language, separatist protests, and retired shepherds stalking down cobble stone streets that had seen bull and beret alike- this was a strange region in a foreign land, and I was ready for it. My … Continued

Spain: Where my Soul Dwells Happiest

The scent of warm pine filling the air; dusty ground littered with browned needles that I scraped with sandal-clad toes as I rose and fell on the yellow painted metal see-saw; parents sat near-by with a jug of sangria as lizards skittered amongst the chairs. They say that smell is one of the stronger senses … Continued

Camping in Spain

Go Camping in Spain if You Want to Enjoy the Best of the Country Spain is a fantastic country for spending a holiday in, but perhaps you aren’t yet fully aware of the different options open to you when it is time to arrange a family holiday there. For many families the best ways of … Continued

Alcanada beach, Spain

Spain: Discovering Alcudia

Discovering Alcudia – where to go for the best scenery and most interesting sites Situated in the northern part of Majorca, the municipality of Alcudia has built a reputation as one of the most family friendly holiday resorts that Spain has to offer. Tourists can gain a lot from a visit – sunny beaches, a … Continued

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