Santorini, Greece: Spilt Paint

Santorini, Greece: Spilt Paint

My trip around Eastern Europe in 2011 had a visit to Santorini. This island took my breath away and this is what it inspired me to write. Santorini is built on the rim of a volcano overlooking a caldera. Even though we sort of, kind of knew what a caldera was it never hurts to … Continued

Greece: Sunrise to Sunset in Santorini

I sat with Nathaniel on the rocky black volcanic beach spotted with thatched umbrellas, and peered towards the sun as it rose above some unknown Greek island just off shore.  We leaned in close and watched the silhouette of a small fishing boat slowly chug around the jagged cliff boundary of the bay as the … Continued

Santorini – The Most Beautiful Greek Island

 by Leona Sky The beautiful, tiny white and blue island that legend claims to be Atlantis is where we are heading. That is where we decided to spend our holidays.  Even though it has been a pretty smooth flight, we are looking forward to finally getting out of this plane. Our fellow passengers seem to … Continued

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