Tanzania: Our Doc

Tanzania: Our Doc

Our guide raised the roof of the jeep. Literally. It was not a pop- up roof, but needed to be lifted off the car to rest on four metal legs. The metal roof floated above our heads so we could stand and see the animals. I had chosen to celebrate my 50th birthday on safari … Continued

Ukraine: Chotyn

We looked for old people; we found them on a quiet road, standing near a well, ready to draw water. They were short, thin people; the woman wore a kerchief over her grey hair, accentuating the multitude of wrinkles on her face. She had a greying cloth apron over her top and skirt. The man … Continued

Italy: The Amalfi Coast

This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by Rona Amichai from The United States. Thanks for your entry Rona! Seventy steps. Up, up, up, into the Italian rock, Eighty six years on seventy steps, slowly, one at a time. Fifty four and sixty two years to share the load, while … Continued

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