Celebrating Best Friend Day: Embracing the Magic of Friendship!

Freedom: Finding My Way Along the Causeway

Finding My Way Along the Causeway Take-off is something I always look forward to when traveling.  I love when the plane finishes taxiing, does an about-face on the runway, and suddenly starts to gain momentum.  I am riding rolling thunder and my obligations are officially behind me the moment those tires leave the earth! This … Continued

Disney World: To infinity…and beyond!

After a grueling six-month search, my boyfriend Zachary had finally landed a great job on the East Coast, about 45 minutes from where I work. That was a welcome change from the three-thousand-mile distance between us during our two years after college, when he attended grad school in California and I started my career in … Continued

iTube is the place for APPLE in BALI!

iTube is the Place for APPLE in BALI!  They are WIZARDS! When my Macbook Air crashed during the first week of our journey, I had visions of angels bringing me a new one. George and I were sure that it’s only future use would be as a bookend. First I saw only the gray screen … Continued

We Said Go Travel