The Heart of London, UK

The Heart of London, UK

I will always be grateful to my grandmother for taking me to a place that once I laid eyes on; I knew I would never forget. Ever since I was ten I longed to visit London. Three years later I got my wish and found myself on a seven hour plane ride heading towards discovery … Continued

Oh, to be in England!

When I saw that my law school offered a program to study during the summer in Oxford, England, I was determined to take advantage of that opportunity. I was fortunate to be attending the University of Oklahoma on a needs-based scholarship, but I was willing to borrow money for my first trip abroad. Despite being … Continued

No Regrets in London, The UK

Regrets are a funny thing. The people that I have surrounded myself with influenced the decisions I have made and have caused me the inexplicable pain of making an important choice. Life altering choices. This is how I find myself sitting in the proverbial heart of the United Kingdom. I sit in a glass orb, … Continued

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How could I choose between Paris and London?

Paris or London? How could I choose between two cities which attract millions of visitors annually ? London is four times as large as Paris and has 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. London has London Eye, Paris has Eiffel Tower, London has pub food, Paris has croissants – ok, I have to admit this one … Continued

London: One of the great European Attractions

When people plan a trip to Europe, one iconic city always pops up at the top of the list of cities to visit. It is Western Europe’s largest city and one of it’s oldest as well. With a population of over 8 million people, London has always been the starting point for many trips to Europe. From history museums … Continued

Britain for the Soul

I come from Singapore, which is a tiny country in South-east Asia. On the world map, it is not more than a mere speck. Hence, when I landed in London, I was awe-struck by the sheer largeness of this sprawling city. The skyscrapers and buildings extended on and on, fading away into a hazy brown … Continued

Dreams come true: a trip to London

I am pretty certain everyone- especially a person who loves to travel – has a bucket list. I’ve always had one and there were three major “entries” there: New York – blame Anthony Bourdain for that- , London – thanks to my English teacher back in general school- and Athens – thanks to The Legends … Continued

My Traveling Experience to England

MY TRAVELLING EXPERIENCE BY TRAIN FROM LONDON TO SWANSEA FOR DIFFERENT SHEDULES. England’s railway network is one of the biggest in the world. We are the second largest nation in the world with 63000 Kilometers of rail laid. It carries passengers and goods throughout the length and breadth of the country. It is the cheapest … Continued

Bucket List: Exploring The World of Science

Exploring the World of Science: Adding to your Bucket List! For amateur scientists and keen travellers, it’s such a joy to visit places that combine these two things. There are thousands of opportunities to visit sights and experience the way in which our world continues to develop. From ancient sites of scientific interest to the latest … Continued

England: Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap: The Transition to Independent Travel There is a restricting uneasiness with terra incognita that ails any traveler venturing abroad for the first time. I was no exception. Before boarding the plane to London, I had a plethora of wrong assumptions, stereotypes and nightmarish fears that plagued me during the turbulent plane ride. … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel