The Bachelorette Falls in Love in Dublin

The Bachelorette Falls in Love in Dublin

  Watching Kaitlyn Bristowe at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin  last week reminded me how much I loved my trip to Ireland in March 2015. VIDEO: Guinness Storehouse in Dublin–The Bachelorette was here 2015! Have you always wanted to travel to Ireland? I loved seeing Newgrange with Brendan Vacations. This historic site which is sometimes called … Continued

Lisa Oscars Red Carpet 2015

March 2015: Dublin, Gratitude & the Oscars

Exciting March 2015 updates from Lisa & We Said Go Travel: United Airlines took me to the Oscars! (video, article) My article for International Women’s Day: Do you Travel #LikeAGirl? I wrote for FLINK about Michael Lynch from American Idol. Sharing about TRAVEL and #WHTravelBloggers on Wharton Business Magazine: Making Study Abroad an Educational Imperative … Continued

Malin Head, Ireland

Sitting in The Harp in Sligo, my husband and I consult a map. We want to go to the farthest-north point on the Irish Atlantic coast: Malin Head. “Next stop, Greenland,” says an old gentleman who overhears our choice. We down our pints and head for the car. Arriving in Malin Head, we book into … Continued

Coole Park Ireland Travel

Ireland: Meeting the Queen

“You can’t do that, it’s blocked off.” My friend protested. “I can hop that.” I answered. “You’ll get in trouble.” He said sternly. “Watch the door.” I said with a smirk on my face. If I never got to travel again, I wanted to make the most of it, even if that meant getting myself … Continued

hebron border

H1 and H2 Two Sides of the Same City: Hebron, Palestine

Having grown up on the streets of Northern Ireland in the 1980s, cultural, political, religious and geographical divides have always been a part of my life. Whether I’ve wanted them to be or not. As my travel lifestyle has developed over time, I have become much more intrigued by the parts of the world that … Continued

Ireland: More than meets the Eye

Ireland: More than meets the Eye The gravestones appeared to have the best view on the island. Comfortably nestled in the long, wild grass, they overlooked the ever-changing sea. It seemed a grand spot to while away eternity, at least from the perspective of a landlocked girl from Illinois. I gave in to a soulful … Continued

Freedom: Finding My Way Along the Causeway

Finding My Way Along the Causeway Take-off is something I always look forward to when traveling.  I love when the plane finishes taxiing, does an about-face on the runway, and suddenly starts to gain momentum.  I am riding rolling thunder and my obligations are officially behind me the moment those tires leave the earth! This … Continued

Ireland: Land of the Horse

Unbridled Freedom in the Hills of Connaught I journeyed to Ireland to explore the Land of the Horse from the saddle. I have spent every day of my life with horses; nothing compares to the joy of riding. It is a euphoric experience that offers a freedom all its own. Traveling through Galway towards my … Continued

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