Traveling on Ecoventura’s Theory in the Galapagos Islands

Giant Tortoise Mating at El Chato Ranch Santa Cruz Island Galapagos

Traveling on Ecoventura’s Theory in the Galapagos Islands

Read my article, “Traveling to my Dream Destination: The Galapagos Islands,” to see videos 1, 2 and 3 from our first days on “Bays and Beaches” Itinerary A on Ecoventura’s Theory. Video 4: Espanola is Excellent! Galapagos Islands Espanola is excellent. In the morning we went to Punta Suarez and we saw marina iguanas swimming, … Continued

Giant Tortoise on Santa Cruz Galapagos Islands with Ecoventura Theory

Traveling to my Dream Destination: The Galapagos Islands

In December 2019, I traveled to one of the most magical places on our planet, the Galapagos Island. This archipelago of 22 islands is on the Equator in the eastern Pacific. Nearly 200 years ago, Charles Darwin traveled here and the area’s endemic species inspired his scientific discoveries about the Theory of Natural Selection and … Continued

Lisa Niver with giant tortoise in Galapagos

2019 Wonderful Wonderings Year in Review

2019 Round-up of my wonderings around the world! Where did I go? What did I did I do? What did I love? It was a most amazing year! I was fortunate to travel to great places and have the opportunity to share them with you and the audiences of many top publications. 2019 Adventures In … Continued

Lisa Niver at DEMA 2018

What Will You Love At DEMA?

What happens at the DEMA Dive Show? Watch my video and see!! This is from the Nov 14 to 17, 2018 conference in Las Vegas: VIDEO: What happens at the DEMA Dive Show? DEMA is the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association show which is the largest trade-only event in the world for companies doing business in … Continued

5 Places Around The Globe Where You Need a Guide

5 Places Around The Globe Where You Need a Guide By Peter Jones Although nowadays it is getting more and more popular to travel alone, a few stunning corners of this world are a very hard task for single travelers or tourists. Travel Ticker today shares a list of 5 places around the globe where even … Continued

Brian Monnin & the Galapagos Kids

Some years ago I put together a book, Paths Less Traveled, for which I dispatched well-known authors to adventure destinations and asked them to write of their experience. Tom Robbins reported from Tanzania; Bobbie Ann Mason from New Zealand; Edward Hoagland from Yemen; Roy Blount, Jr. from the Amazon, and on. For the Galapagos I … Continued

On The Move In The Galapagos

I feel a special affinity for the giant tortoises of the Galapagos. Like me, they are large and slow. Unlike me they are green, a hue I only achieve when I’ve had too much to eat or drink. They also live a very long time, well over 100 years on the average. Maybe that’s the … Continued

Ecuador: The New Braniff: LAN Airlines To The Galápagos

I went to the Galápagos off the coast of Ecuador for dinner. As a consenting adult, I agreed to be part of a grand prize for a sweepstakes offered by LAN Airlines. The winners could choose a free trip, for two, to one of four destinations in South America (Iguaçu, Easter Island, Machu Picchu or … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel