Saving our Seas: One Staghorn Coral at a Time

Staghorn Coral at Angler's Reef. Photo by Lisa NIver Saving our Seas: One Staghorn Coral at a Time

Thank you to Parenting Team for publishing my article: Saving our Seas: One Staghorn Coral at a Time Does your family want to play in the ocean while also participating in saving our seas? The team at Kimpton Angler’s Hotel in South Beach invites you to rescue a reef. They have adopted a section … Continued

One of four pools at Miami Carillon

Are you ready for the Spa Evolution? Join me at Miami Carillon!

Are you looking for your home away from home in Miami? I absolutely loved the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort! Not only are there white sand beaches, South Florida’s most comprehensive spa, but there are also spacious luxury apartments! You can live here forever.  What is it like at Carillon Miami? Watch my video to see my suite, … Continued

Will you love the Sugar Sand Festival?

Will you love the Sugar Sand Festival in Clearwater?

Will you love the Sugar Sand Festival in Clearwater Beach? I did love being at the amazing Sugar Sand Festival 2017! There is so much to do and discover in Florida. Enjoy my videos from my visit which show you the magical time we had together. VIDEO: 1 Let’s Go to Clearwater Florida for the … Continued

Matlacha and the Art of the Technology Shabbat

I first heard of a Technology Shabbat a few years ago from its most vocal proponent, Webbies Awards founder Tiffany Shlain. Modeled on the principles of the Jewish observation of the Sabbath, where from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday you do no work, the idea is that you take a mini-break from all … Continued

SheKnows: Make Your Active Resolutions Come True: Kayak!

This article was first published on SheKnows as  If far flung travels are out of the budget, a local kayaking trip is just the thing Did your New Year’s Resolutions include travel? Many people I talk with want to travel more but are worried about cost or distance for exotic locations. You do not have … Continued

The Conch Republic, USA

The Conch Republic At the southernmost end of US Route 1 and usually under sunny skies lies the enchanting isle of Key West. Known for its nearly perfect weather, Key West not only attracts artists, writers and vacationers, but especially those who want to live on the fringe of society, vagabonds and others with wanderlust. … Continued


Orlando inspires me to use my time wisely because there’s so much fun stuff to do. We went to a theme park every day. We’d get up early and we regularly went to a breakfast buffet so that we could eat a lot so that we would be full for several hours. These are all … Continued

Florida: Kava Culture

I was pedaling as quickly as I could, but I felt the ice dripping down my backpack onto my skin. The traffic on Beach Boulevard was backed up, but I zipped by in the bike lane and turned into Sunrise Village, a last remainder of old Ft. Lauderdale. It consisted of a scattering of tattoo … Continued

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