India: Within Agra Awe

India: Within Agra Awe

Something I’m in Awe of. That’s a difficult one. Like many travellers, I have seen many beautiful and incredible things. And the reason I’ve chose this particular experience, was because by this time of my travels in Asia, they were coming to an end. I had seen so many things, and to be in awe, … Continued

India: Eternal Love

Eternal Love Sometimes the place that makes you feel gratitude is in your own backyard, sometimes the journey that invokes awe is the journey within… We are restless, relentless travellers always in search of something ‘new’. We want new adventures, new sensations, new sights, new sounds and new experiences… We crave for the unknown, we … Continued

Talent behind the Taj

The Taj Mahal does not disappoint. It is beautiful. The curves of the dome, the snow white of the marble, the glitter of the inlaid stones, the rippled reflection in the lake, the birds that soar in the bluest of sky, the sunrise silhouette in the dawn light- all of it, every inch, whispers of … Continued

Inspiration Travel Writing Contest: Do it Today!

We hope that today, February 14th, you are INSPIRED to enter our contest! We Said Go Travel Writing Contest: Free Entry, Cash Prizes, Raffle invites you to enter its 2013 Travel Writing Contest with a $200 first-place prize and no fee for entry. The theme for the Winter 2013 contest is “Inspiration: A Place … Continued

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