Young Green in Laos

Apr 25, 2018

Andrew Jae McCrea

How the Photo was Taken

Canon Power Shot SX50 HS

Photo Location

I took this photo high up in the canopy of the jungle in Nam Khan National Park, I was in one of the worlds tallest tree houses while taking part of a tour called the Gibbons Experience. I woke up on September 26th hoping to see some more gibbons but sadly luck wasn't on my side. I went up to the second floor and started looking for any signs of life on this cloudy day. Luckily I was able to come across the spectacularly colored bird hanging out in some foliage. I believe its a Golden-fronted Leafbird but not 100% sure. I just started using my camera more seriously and I am looking to develop my skills as a photographer in the immediate future. This is one of my best photos I've taken since trying to develop my skills and was the best photo from my past trip.

About the Author

Andrew Jae McCrea

I am a graduate of the university of Pittsburgh and I have been working seasonal jobs for the past few years of my life. I've been spending most of my time in Colorado or the south western United States but this upcoming winter I am headed back home to the east coast to hang out with my nephews. This winter I hope to save up for a photography course in South Africa.

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