Xunchang, China

Mar 25, 2018

Samuel McMahon

How the Photo was Taken

This was simply taken on an iPhone, with a filter.

Photo Location

I have had no opportunity to travel throughout my life until now, and I went to China. I saw some amazing views from all different perspectives. Xuchang is not a well known city. It is a 3rd tier city in china and is on of many that I have visited and captured. (taken a photo of!) This is not a touristy area, yet it is as beautiful as all the rest. This is why I have chosen the photo.

About the Author

Samuel McMahon

I am a student, who has been in the UK for my whole lide. I have visited France and Ireland, but until I went to China, there was vey little in the way of adventure that I had done. Learning Chinese and going to China was the most eyeopening experience of my life, and I am now determined to do what I can to allow myself to travel further and witness more.

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