Легенди моря – Ukraine

Feb 26, 2019


How the Photo was Taken

The photo was taken on the iphone 6s.
No photoshop or filters were used.
But because I wanted to make the clouds more visible, I slighty corrected the light areas on the photo (changed it to -0,25). Also I reduced a contrast a little bit (-0,19) in order to give the picture more
flawless effect.
That’s all ^_^

Photo Location

It was the 5th of September 2018. My friend and I just arrived in Odessa, a city that was famous for its heroic defense during the Great Patriotic War. Now it is the largest sea trading port of Ukraine. At 1 pm we went to the beach. The beach is called Otrada - one of the best in Odessa. Since there were very few people, it seemed that we were alone on the beach. After that, we looked around and were overwhelmed by nature. We went to the pierce (it is at the very beginning of the beach, it's hard not to notice it). The sea was very stormy, and gulls circled above our heads. But suddenly the sun came out, and at that moment - 1:45pm - this photo was taken.

About the Author


Hi! My name is Yana and I adore adventures. Whether it's another country or just a new shop around the corner, I'm always excited to visit new places, and of course to capture these moments.

Website : https://www.instagram.com/yanapio_/

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