Millie Goes encourages people to step outside their comfort zone

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Millie Goes encourages people to step outside their comfort zone

Leaving school, Millie had no intention of going anywhere other than 5-star resorts. Three years on, aged twenty one, she is very different than the person she used to be. A social media influencer with nearly 100k Twitter followers and 56,000 Instagram follwers, her Millie Goes travel website encourages girls who always say, ‘I can’t’ to start … Continued

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Who Tells Vivid Visual Stories? World Travel Bug

Instagram influencer and travel photographer World Travel Bug tells visual stories World Travel Bug blog came to life in 2015, when Mihaela Popa exchanged her long-term career in finance for the two biggest passions: travel and photography. What she thought was going to be a six months to one year sabbatical period, turned to be the … Continued

Where to go in the USA? Ask Pinterest SuperStars Dang Travelers

Dang Travelers highlight amazing U.S. locations, budget-friendly tips from minivan turned camper David and Angela are a married couple who have an obsession with travel. They kissed for the first time in Denmark, decided to move in together while hot tubbing in Hawaii, got engaged on the Eiffel Tower in France and married on a … Continued

Why does Matt Meltzer enjoy off-the-beaten path journeys?

Miami-based Matt Meltzer stays busy writing about journeys both at home and abroad as a writer for the Matador Network and the Globe and Mail. The journalist, athlete, veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp and former pageant judge in the Miss Florida America system enjoys covering off-the-beaten path destinations and all things fun in South Florida. … Continued

How does photographer Lola Akinmade inspire hope through her work?

Lola Akinmade Åkerström’s photography and travel writing are often characterized by vibrancy and hope. In college, she specialized in Geographic Information Systems, and her affinity for the geosciences and maps meant she was born to travel. She is the 2018 Travel Photograher of the Year Bill Muster Award recipient, and her work has appeared in National … Continued

Where do the Vargas think You Could Travel?

Cory and G Varga travel the world in search of soft adventure experiences and off-the-beaten path destinations. Their web site You Could Travel and social media channels feature their visually immersive photography.  They are passionate about inspiring others through information packed articles that revolve around travel guides, recommendations, and tips.  1.)Where was the first place that you traveled that made … Continued

What destinations does Our Awesome Planet explore?

Our Awesome Planet documents the food and travel adventures of the Diaz family. They showcase the best of food and travel destinations focused on the Philippines and ASEAN, but also explore all over the world. Anton Diaz is also the co-founder of the successful weekend market called Mercato Centrale in Manila. 1.)Where was the first place … Continued

Who is the Foodie Flashpacker?

Foodie Flashpacker is a food-focused travel blog by Nathan Aguilera, where he writes about his travels and delicious meals. Nathan quit his job working at a corporate law firm to set off on what he thought at the time was going to be a six-month tour of Southeast Asia. Now, nearly four years and sixty … Continued

Do you need Geekdom, Travel & Pop Culture? FANBOLT

’FANBOLT’s Emma Loggin has been writing on the world of geekdom, travel, and pop culture since 2002 when she founded her Web site.  She blogs about visiting numerous popular television show sets, interviewing celebrities, entertainment events she attends, press kits she receives, and more.  1.)Where was the first place that you traveled that made you … Continued

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