New Zealand: 134 Meters of Fear

New Zealand: 134 Meters of Fear

When the wind rushes over the gorge, our metal box shakes like dice in the hand of a desperate gambler. Nervous, antsy. The constant jostling, suspended 134 meters (439 feet) above the craggy ravine of the Nevis Bluff, is forcing a similar emotion in my intestines. Should have used the toilet, I lament. But there … Continued

Traveling Around the World…in Sin

Thank you to Amy Sommer at Westside Today for her story, Traveling Around the World…in Sin about our memoir, Traveling in Sin. “Traveling in Sin” is a love story and travel memoir rolled in to a single, enjoyable book. Written by George Rajna and Lisa Niver Rajna, the travelers who fell in love while traversing the … Continued

Italy: 51 over 11 under 4 in 182

Turning 51 after flying over 11 states during the Air Race Classic under 4 days in a C182 R Skylane II Whilst learning to fly in California at 38, I realized that not only age didn’t matter when following one’s dreams, but also that availability of information and access to role models did matter and … Continued

New Zealand – A Place You Will ADORE!

This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by Jane Stanfield from America. Thanks for your entry Jane! I hadn’t planned to fall in love.  I was looking for a place to travel internationally by myself when my friend Bette suggested New Zealand. She said it was small, safe, fun, … Continued

My New Zealand Adventure And the People in that Magic Land

This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by David Temianka from the USA. Thanks for your entry David! As the jet engines roared 30,000 feet above the small island nation of New Zealand, my heart throbbed with anticipation and excitement. I was traveling with my father and his orchestra, … Continued


Vietnam: Finding Hanoi

This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by MaiLynn Stormon-Trinh  from Nevada now living in New Zealand. Thanks for your entry MaiLynn! Hanoiis a city to be felt, not explained. It is a city of paradoxes. It is visceral, it is complex, it is elegant, it is ugly. Modern. … Continued

New Zealand – Weekend in the Whanganui

After the hectic feat of exploring a decent portion of Australia in two weeks, my friend and I escaped to New Zealand’s North Island to unwind. We decided the best way to explore the scenic beauty of New Zealand would be to drive through it. This was my first international road trip and first time … Continued

10 Questions from Contiki!

Thank you to Contiki Blog for a wonderful interview asking me TEN GREAT QUESTIONS including: When and where did you first travel by yourself, and why did you choose that particular destination? Will you be shocked to know it was ARIZONA! Which destinations are you consistently drawn to, and why?  (Places you’ll always come back … Continued

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