New Zealand’s Cave of Stars

New Zealand’s Cave of Stars

The most awe-inspiring place I ever visited was the Waitomo Glowworm Cave, which lies beneath the rolling green hills in the Waikato region of the North Island of New Zealand. There are 300 known limestone caves in this area, but only three of them are open to the public. To me the Glowworm Cave is … Continued

New Zealand: Home Away From Home

When I got on the bus in the morning, I had a backpack, an empty guitar case, and no idea where I would get off. Franz Joseph Glacier was an endless expanse of turquoise blue. The morning sun’s rays glinted off the ice like porcelain waves. The silver crampons strapped to my feet left pinpricks in … Continued

New Zealand: The Daily Grind

My phone buzzing around 7.40am is the call to arms. The text comes through “walking this morning?” Whether I go or not, every morning at 8.00am a group of not-so-young women meet at the Khandallah Park swimming pool and begin their ascent. We are no Hillarys or Tenzings but the climb up Mt Kau Kau … Continued

New Zealand: Lake Tekapo, once again

I was in familiar territory. In the words of our bus driver who was playing tour guide, on my left was low grass while much farther on my right was Mount Cook, New Zealand’s tallest mountain. “Now isn’t that a lovely view, ladies and gentlemen?” he asked over his microphone. Yes it is, I thought. … Continued

New Zealand: A Note to Mother

A Note to Mother By MaiLynn Stormon-Trinh Hello, Mother Nature. I am getting to know you well here in New Zealand and these two little pieces of land hanging off the bottom of your swollen body. You’ve taught me it is possible for all of your beauty and, occasionally, all of your tragedy to fit into … Continued

New Zealand: New Zen

New Zealand New Zen The inspiration to travel was first beckoned by New Zealand. There isn’t a single one point that was the calling, but rather the entire entity of the spirit. Perhaps it was the incredibly intrinsic Maori culture hosting a melting pot of peoples across the world. After finally making the trip of … Continued

Whangamata: The flood of memories

I was always lucky as a child. My family were huge believers in travel and from the day I was born my father had already began mapping out a family trip. Being half Filipino it was to first visit my Mothers family back home. However, no matter how many countries we traveled too when I … Continued

Honolulu: Meet Mia Coffin of One Please

Meet Mia Coffin at Park Restaurant  2885 Kalakaua Ave at Lotus Honolulu Thursday November 7 5pm-7pm Mia Coffin is a waitress, a world traveler, and would-be anthropologist. Coming from a large family in a small town in California she continually escapes her normal life in search of distant shores and adventure. Being an experienced traveler, Mia … Continued

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