Panama Folio no. 2 [Pink]

Panama Folio no. 2 [Pink]

I have had the great fortune in my life to be able to travel and observe the world around me essentially unencumbered by any limitations. I think it’s seminally important (not to mention super fun!) to see as much as the world as possible, and in doing so strengthening the ties between nations and more … Continued

Transylvanian Time Travels in Romania

“The road is not silent. It has a language of its own, heart-piercing and true, and faithful to travelers. The road is refuge. It is hope. It is absolution.” My great-grandfather’s words stare gravely at me from the height of heroic times, and I feel small, undeserving. The letters are uneven, the paper – crumpled … Continued

Romania Travel

No Regrets in Romania

No Regrets This might seem an anti-travel manifesto at first. It’s not. I can assure you that I am as wild, free, and wanderlust as one gets. However, we all need stability at one point. And like all the elements gathered here, contrasting and somewhat antagonistic, I have to confess that I’m living in and … Continued

The Magic of Christmas Markets in Europe

December is one of the most colorful months in Europe. And we have Christmas Markets to “blame” for this. A Christmas Market is basically a street market associated with the celebration of Christmas. They most often open around the start of Advent (which in 2013 starts on December 1) and close sometimes between Christmas and … Continued

Halloween Special: The Land of Dracula

With Halloween knocking on our doors, I got to thinking of…Dracula. Oh wait, in fact , I got to thinking of the real places where the real Vlad Tepes lived and ruled. Now let’s look at some historical facts. Vlad Tepes (the Impaler) has been “confused” with the blood-sucking vampire Dracula thanks to Bram Stocker’s … Continued

Sighisoara, Romania – Go Back in Time

Sighisoara, Romania – Go Back in Time for a Romantic Anniversary My first trip to Sighisoara was also my first ever independent trip, back in 2000, when I was a freshman. I have always been fascinated by Medieval castles or citadels and I was hooked from the moment I saw the citadel from the train, … Continued

Romania: Orşova, My Love…

Once upon a time, the gods added a certain je ne sais quoi to the southwestern region of Romania we call ‘Banat’: mysterious and dark forests, fast rivers, deep gorges. It was also the region in which the kingdom of Romanians’ ancestors flourished – Dacians must have appreciated the sanctuary feel provided by primeval forests … Continued

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