Rhododendrons for Luck in Nepal

Rhododendrons for Luck in Nepal

The gods must be cranky. “Sorry for picking the rhododendron, fellas. Truce, please?” I whispered my apology to the heavens and snuggled into the outcrop of Hinku Cave, a protective nook 3,000 meters and five days into Nepal’s notorious Annapurna Base Camp hike. In typical mountain fashion, the morning sky promised cerulean vistas and caressing … Continued

Gosaikunda, Nepal, where heaven meets earth

The semester was over, with month long arduous exams just attended. Another challenging semester and further exasperating exams. Life wasn’t particularly blissful, with the same monotonicity, absent of any vigor and gusto. The thoughts were infuriating. And, all such turmoil and muddle, set on the noisy, dull and cynical city of Kathmandu made me sometimes … Continued

TripWolf Featured Blogger!

Thank you to TripWolf for listing We Said Go Travel as featured bloggers! tripwolf’s travel bloggers of the month March, Lisa and her husband George from We Said Go Travel, are writers, speakers, but most of all, they are travelers. Up until now, they have visited more than one hundred countries and Lisa herself has worked … Continued

Hoori Haus, Nepal

Stroll about Thamel, Kathmandu’s labyrinthine tourist quarter, and you’ll be surprised by the number of Chinese shoppers and hip Nepali partygoers. Where have all the hippies gone, you may well ask. You’re unlikely to find them in the urban crush of modern-day Kathmandu, the dusty vapours of which have all but obscured the Himalayan peaks … Continued

Tripping down Asia’s Memory Lane: My Top 10

I have never understood how anyone can like January. The sad, sinking feeling caused by limp, leftover tinsel hanging in shops, braving the dreary weather without any promise of a mulled wine stop, realising that everyone you know has vowed to lose weight, save money or quit drinking- it is a real slog of a … Continued

Pokhara, Nepal: A Mystic Place To Be

Since I was away from my home country Nepal for many years, many of my foreign friends had asked me about mountains and Himalaya of Nepal. But, I did not have the solid answer that how it would look like. But as soon as I came back to my home country I packed my bag and headed for … Continued

Prevention Magazine: “Go For It” with Lisa Niver Rajna

Thank you to Prevention Magazine for including me in their “Go For It” section for January 2014! “Staying active is my passport to adventure.” Lisa Niver Rajna, 45 Teacher, travel writer When the travel industry went into a tailspin after 9/11, I lost my job as a senior assistant cruise director. Heartbroken over the fact that my … Continued

Exploring Bhaktapur, Nepal

The people of the village-like-city Bhaktapur are splendid actors in the fabulous setting of the place. Cap saddled elders sit in groups of 4 to 5 members, every few meters, atop a wooden carved stage. Etched-wrinkled women keep busy cotton weaving with a historic looking spindle. Children of all ages play chase, hide-‘n-seek and run … Continued

Nepal: Bless You Yoko – Bye Bye Babu

I am up in Katunje in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal. It is a tiny mountain village that I have written about previously. Many times. The noise of little children arriving at the school downstairs awakened me early. There was a lot of giggles and laughing. It was 5.30am and the sun had yet to … Continued

Nepal: Jubilation and Revelation

Nepal: Jubilation and Revelation on the Annapurna Circuit We are hiking up a steep slippery path in early morning darkness when George slips, rolls over and pukes three times. With the light of my torch I see how pale and sick he is. George has been struggling with altitude sickness for the past few days … Continued

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