Memories galore on the beach in India

A mélange of emotions, potpourri of feelings, intellectual discussions to the usual female characterized jibber jabber, unrestrained gastronomic delights, spiked with the sense of liberation all jam-packed in one weekend. An impromptu decision to break free from the week-long monotonous life and to explore something new had us booking tickets to Gokarna. Gokarna, a small … Continued

Welcome to South Africa

My legs burn like ovens, and I sit, drinking in the view, ignoring the pain. Two hours of plodding up Table Mountain, up the stone stairway for giants, my knees rising to my chin, my hands scrambling; fit, young fathers with babies in backpacks striding past me; me striding past chubby teenagers and middle-aged hippies … Continued

India: Kochi Calling

“Fine Arts Hall Kochi?” “Ok, Ok Madam” “We’ll pay you Thirty Rupees Ok?” “Naw ! Naw ! Tondy is Ok!” What? What? Did we hear right? Here we were, offering this rickshaw guy Rs 30, but in return he furiously waggled his hands and head, insisting that 20 was just fine! We shrugged in disbelief … Continued

Bali, Indonesia Inspires

BALI INSPIRES Landing at the airport, the pagoda columns seem to welcome and herald visitors to behold the natural and man-made wonders of Bali the picturesque island in Indonesia. While the majority of Indonesia’s people are Muslim, in Bali, more than ninety percent professes the Hindu faith of its ancestors. By the end of the … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel