America: West Coast Road Trip

5 Highlights of a Honeymoon Road Trip Napa Valley With some of the very finest food and wine to be found in the United States, it’s no surprise that the Napa Valley is a hit amongst newlywed gourmands and wine connoisseurs. Newcomers to the ways of the grape will feel equally at home; here the … Continued

Camping in Spain

Go Camping in Spain if You Want to Enjoy the Best of the Country Spain is a fantastic country for spending a holiday in, but perhaps you aren’t yet fully aware of the different options open to you when it is time to arrange a family holiday there. For many families the best ways of … Continued

Slovakia – the beautiful

The first things that pop into my mind when I think of my home country, Slovakia, are strangely enough, mountains. But when I think about it a little longer, it makes absolutely perfect sense to me. My dad is an avid hiker and a climber, in his fifty years he hiked more than several thousand … Continued

India: Take to the Ramparts

Taragarh Fort is empty. The battlements stretch out across arid hills, they swoop and dive and peer stoically over the Rajasthani mountains in India. The blue homes of Bundi lie wedged in the valley below, but just beyond are the scrublands, the hidden waterfalls, and miles and miles of road. It is very easy to … Continued

Iceland: A Trip to the Moon

“It’s like we’re driving to the moon.” Despite their utter impossibility, my partner’s words almost seemed true. As I looked out the window of our rental car at the vast expanse of dark lava-encrusted valley stretching out around us, I felt the weightlessness of space around me. I had never seen earth like this before. … Continued

Myanmar: From Monywa to Bagan (video)

WATCH: 23 Myanmar: Traveling by Bus from Monywa to Bagan  To travel from Monwya to Bagan we took the 9am and arrived at 12:30pm. (Our day started with a 7:45am wake-up, and 8am breakfast, after that we were off to the bus station for the 9am bus to BAGAN!) We had bought our tickets the day … Continued

Don’t Let Your Ship Set Sail Without You!

Thank you to Nellie Huang for publishing my review of Torre Deroche’s novel, Love with a Chance of Drowning in Wild Junket. My review begins: Many people ”lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them” (Henry David Thoreau).Will you say yes when the experience of a lifetime is offered to you? Torre … Continued

Thailand: Freedom In Pai

 I was a month into my trip in Thailand when I fell upon the place that represents freedom to me. To this day it is still that place that I’ve ever felt the most free. This place was a small hippie town in the north ofThailand. This place was called Pai. This experience is something … Continued

Thailand: The Choice is Mine

I’m living on an organic permaculture farm in Northern Thailand. I discovered it online while looking for a cheap place to stay near Pai. It’s the right price, and only a little more if I want to participate in the communal meals. Today? I’m in. Tomorrow? Well…I’ll decide in the morning. I was looking for … Continued

Canada: White Place, White Time.

Bump! The chairlift hits the back of my sleepy legs as it had done a thousand times that season, I sit back on the empty chair and let it pull me to the top. I let my gaze wander over the entire face of the mountain, one side of the chairlift is lined with snow-covered … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel