Disney World: To infinity…and beyond!

After a grueling six-month search, my boyfriend Zachary had finally landed a great job on the East Coast, about 45 minutes from where I work. That was a welcome change from the three-thousand-mile distance between us during our two years after college, when he attended grad school in California and I started my career in … Continued

Realizing Freedom in Thailand

Realizing Freedom in Thailand On my first ever trip overseas (other than ferries) I arrived in Bangkok alone, with only the advice of friends and travel books giving me and idea of what to expect. I would spend over a month in Thailand as my stepping stone into the countries of Southeast Asia. Perhaps because … Continued

India: Spellbinding Jaisalmer

In the middle of the endless, dry desert suddenly there was a riot of colors. People decked in bright colors were sprouting vividly in barren of the mighty Thar. Heartrending music, the setting sun and the adorned camels ready to gallop with you. It was a carnival. It was Sam! At the annual festival of … Continued

Dublin Freedom Walk

Very few places I have traveled have felt like home. I’ve lived in several states in the US, and visited different countries in my limited time here on earth. Needless to say, I am American through and through, apple-pie, red, white and blue. Few places capture my heart and make me feel free, as does … Continued

Freedom: The Place I call Home

Freedom: The Place I call Home I used to think that going for a music festival abroad with friends, heading to the countryside for the weekend or even skydiving was the ultimate meaning of being free, of being independent. To be honest, and now looking in retrospective, many things I did were merely brief moments … Continued

Bucket List: Exploring The World of Science

Exploring the World of Science: Adding to your Bucket List! For amateur scientists and keen travellers, it’s such a joy to visit places that combine these two things. There are thousands of opportunities to visit sights and experience the way in which our world continues to develop. From ancient sites of scientific interest to the latest … Continued

Parahawking in Nepal: Free as a bird

I have been backpacking by myself for more than a year all around the world and I have plenty of anecdotes to tell. But when I hear the words ‘independent’ and ‘travel’, I immediately think of an amazing adventure I had while traveling in Nepal. Besides all the culture and natural beauty Nepal has to … Continued

Singapore: Adventures to Freedom

A NOT SO PRIVATE TRAVEL DIARY: MY ADVENTURES TO FREEDOM AND HAPPINESS Many years ago, I was a frequent traveller…in my dreams. I enjoyed seeing different places…in books. In reality, I was a prisoner. I was imprisoned by fear of exploring the world. I was in a lonely and dark place. Luckily, that’s all in … Continued

Myanmar: Bagan Day Three in the Rain(video)

WATCH: 26 Bagan Day Three Oct: Moving in the Rain, Myanmar (Burma) 26 Bagan Day Three moving hotels sunset in the rain at Shwe Zigon, Myanmar (Burma) Winner Guesthouse is under construction. They have a permit to build and it is a bit noisy and dusty. After watching the ladies carry bricks on their heads, we … Continued

Colombia: Free Yourself From Yourself

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” The first time that I heard Brad Pitt’s quote in the movie Fight Club, I didn’t really put any thought into it but for some reason, the passage stuck with me in my mind. I was hiking in Colombia when this quote randomly … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel