Italy: Big Kid Fun

I hate cats. In fact, cats and I have a mutual hatred for each other that works out well. I pretend I don’t see cats, they pretend they don’t see me. In a twisted way, we’re sort of perfect for each other. But despite our differences, for some reason, when I went to Rome, Italy, … Continued

Nepal: The Big Jump

Fear is a powerful emotion. Though it comes in useful when making decisions such as whether or not to put your hand on a hot stove, pet the rabid dog or step into on-coming traffic, it can often be debilitating. Fear can prevent us from taking risks that could significantly benefit our lives or the … Continued

Travel is the Traveler

Travel is the Traveler  The guidebooks warn about this treacherous, hardscrabble path. “The travel-writing trail is long,” one says, solemnly. “It can be extremely demanding and daunting…lonely, exhausting, and depressing.” But here, I’m undaunted and uninhibited, quickened by a private fire, and the warnings only fan my ardor as I survey the vexing terrain. The … Continued

Myanmar: George’s article on

Thank you to Greg Rodgers and the Asia Travel section of for publishing George’s article: Top 5 Places to Go in Myanmar 1. Bagan Temples: Bagan, a vast, spectacular desert dotted with stunning varied temples can be toured by bike or vehicle. This extravagant temple complex is the highlight of a trip to Myanmar … Continued

Cook Islands: Back to the Land

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning and I’m running through waist-high grass toward a pack of frenzied dogs. Their cacophonous barking drowns out the squeals of a wild pig, who’s preparing to pay a price for the crops he and his fellow swine have uprooted. Sweat drips from my hairline and red mud streaks my … Continued

Montana, America: Cowgirl Yoga

Yeehaw Namaste: Adventure and Peace in the American West The Last Best Place My first morning in Montana, I awoke to guttural, almost prehistoric, squawks outside my window. I bolted upright and slid my sleeping mask to my forehead. Our yoga teacher had closed our Vinyasa practice the night before with a warning: over-zealous songbirds … Continued

Nicobar and Andaman Islands: Ship, Sea and the Sun

Ship, Sea and the Sun: a wobble down the corridor It was the month of May, I still remember it as clear as the sea that I am glazing at right now; yes, I had been to this place before, the setting sun, the waves crashing on the moss covered rocks and the smell of … Continued

Nigeria: The Ruin at Old Oyo National Park

Nigeria: A visit to the Ruin at Old Oyo National Park Ever since I was born, I’m always thrilled with culture especially the culture I was born into (the Yoruba culture). I love the moon light stories of long past warriors; those that have made their footprints in the sand of time. Invariably, travelling and … Continued

Italy Re-Mastered

Italy Re-Mastered I always forget my camera.  ‘How will you remember?’ My mother asks, brow furrowed.  My response: ‘If I forget something, then it wasn’t that important.’  A philosophy that has not always worked out.  So, on my trip to Italy, I was determined to record everything.  Not only to save my memory but my … Continued

Australia: Fishing for Zen

Although we didn’t have much light left because of the late start, the views were incredible and the company was great. A 15 minute barefoot walk had taken us out to the other side of the bay and our agenda for the night was simple: sunset fishing and beers. Clamouring over a series of large … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel