Malaysia: Ghost Stories of Taman Negara

I walk in the treetops of the oldest rainforest in the world, balancing on wobbly bridges that sway with every step. I stare into the trees, looking back in time. If I squint a little and let my imagination take over, I can see majestic dinosaurs stomping under the canopy. Located next to a winding … Continued

Talent behind the Taj

The Taj Mahal does not disappoint. It is beautiful. The curves of the dome, the snow white of the marble, the glitter of the inlaid stones, the rippled reflection in the lake, the birds that soar in the bluest of sky, the sunrise silhouette in the dawn light- all of it, every inch, whispers of … Continued

Dreams come true: a trip to London

I am pretty certain everyone- especially a person who loves to travel – has a bucket list. I’ve always had one and there were three major “entries” there: New York – blame Anthony Bourdain for that- , London – thanks to my English teacher back in general school- and Athens – thanks to The Legends … Continued

Virginia: The Mid-Lothian Mines

History off the Beaten Path – The Mid-Lothian Mines For visitors to Richmond, the capital city of Virginia, there’s lot to do – museums, history tours, shows, restaurants. But I’ve always liked to travel off the beaten path to find the places not on the tourist brochures. If you’re like me, wanting to see those … Continued

Amor Barcelona

My trip to Barcelona was a quick decision made while planning a month long holiday to London with my folks. I’ve been to other parts of Europe but never to Spain so Barcelona seemed an ideal breakaway to adventure out on my own and indulge my hunger for travel. I departed London on a cold … Continued

The Slow Travel Movement

Travel, of course, suggests movement, and adventure implies a well-planned trip gone wrong; yet when my partners and I started Sobek Expeditions, back in 1973, it was a radical departure from the typical travel provider train station, something perhaps akin to the Glacier Express, which bills itself as the slowest express train in the world. … Continued

My Trip to Yosemite

When I was in third grade, we had to do a report on a landform in the United States. I spent days trying to think of a topic. At the age of nine, I really didn’t know what the world was like. Of course, I’ve seen programs on the nature channel about national parks, but … Continued

Dave’s Travel Corner: Traveling in Sin is a MUST READ!

Thank you to Traveling Cricket and Dave’s Travel Corner for the review of our memoir, Traveling in Sin. “If you are looking for some motivation to grab those plane tickets and pack those bags, “Traveling in Sin” is the book to read. With the wealth of information on land travel in Asia, on how to … Continued

Israel is Real

Shortly after accepting a full-time job at the French Theatre of Rome, I was invited to replace an employee – too far into pregnancy – on a secret destination journey. My friend and now boss, Fred, had planned this surprise to reward his team members for their hard work and success of the musical Sans … Continued

Uzbekistan: The Road to Samarkand

It’s dark and I am staring at the most incredible sight, lit up before me like a theatrical set awaiting a cast of thespians and minstrels to perform. Am I dreaming or am I really here? A car goes past behind me, its horn blaring that brings me out of my reverie and back into … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel