France: One Souffle At a Time

We are honored to have an excerpt and share a review from One Soufflé at a Time: A Memoir of Food and France by Anne Willan and Amy Friedman. Amy Friedman is an award winning writer and will return in 2014 as one of the judges for our Inspiration Travel Writing Contest. THINGS I’VE SMUGGLED … Continued

New Zealand: The Daily Grind

My phone buzzing around 7.40am is the call to arms. The text comes through “walking this morning?” Whether I go or not, every morning at 8.00am a group of not-so-young women meet at the Khandallah Park swimming pool and begin their ascent. We are no Hillarys or Tenzings but the climb up Mt Kau Kau … Continued

France: Below the Surface of the Seine

The river Seine hides behind the next cobbled corner, only a minute’s stroll from the Right Bank atelier apartment where I am staying, off Rue de l’Hotel de Ville in Marais, Paris. The murky Seine is ever present, snaking its way rapidly around the Île Saint Louis and Île de la Cité, carrying centuries of … Continued

HuffPost: Do Good Teachers and Travelers need Secure Attachment?

After reading Confessions of a Bad Teacher, I wrote an article called “Why So Many of America’s Teachers Are Leaving the Profession,” which had received over 1450 likes and over 50 comments in the HuffPost50. My next article in HuffPost Education was called Secure Attachment: Do Good Teachers Need It? about the same book and … Continued

Australia: The Second Shade of Blue

I’ve never seen anything so blue. The azure ocean stretched into an endless sky that filled my overwhelmed eyes. I soaked in the salty air, letting the breeze comb through my auburn hair as it murmured to me. The Twelve Apostles stuck out in random chunks across the shallow ocean floor. The majestic rock formations … Continued

Alight in Thailand

Silly, I know, but in the midst of my Thailand dream vacation – I felt trapped. After a single night in the bustling epicenter of Bangkok and a plane ride that left me feverish and exhausted in Phuket, I wanted a little peace and quiet a lá those glossy travel magazine covers featuring a single … Continued

Peru: Feet of Strength

My leaden legs plod beneath me. They scream for rest but my mind is resolved to keep moving. I fear that if I stop I may collapse irrecoverably. It feels as though someone has placed a boulder inside my backpack and my body is strangely sluggish. I have only trudged this path for a few … Continued

Spanish Moss and Ghosts: Savannah, Georgia

By Judith La Porte Savannah, Georgia – picturesque, charming, immersed in history and haunted. A pleasant drive from Atlanta where my daughter, Amy is currently living, it is a place I had always longed to visit. Like many others I was fascinated by the depiction of the elegant and eccentric Savannahians in John Berendt’s 1994 … Continued

Hyderabad, India: Caged Delight

Among the delicate spread of the berry bushes and behind the healthy trunk of a tall banyan tree, she stood, watching. Her eyes, wild like fire, matching the ferocity in her face, glanced at the crowd waiting to see her perform. As she stood up, as majestically as she could and tried to hide her … Continued

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