Fix of Fantasy in Lofou, Cyprus

Two narrow roads, one easterly, the other westerly, wiggle their way from the main thoroughfares towards Lofou, an ancient Cypriot village ensconced between the hills northwest of Limassol. From either direction, the drive up evokes a welcoming sense of solitude. Grapevines, standing in line like obedient students, crowd the countryside and provide a stark contrast … Continued

Inspiration Travel Contest

Share Your Story: First Prize: $1,000usd

WINTER 2014 INSPIRATION TRAVEL WRITING CONTEST  $1,750usd in CASH PRIZES, Free Entry Enter by February 14, 2014 at midnight PST. We are looking for an article about a place that inspires you to spend your time with no regrets. In Arnold Bennett’s book, How to Live on 24 Hours a Day, he writes about how time is … Continued

Philippines: Breathtaking Batanes

Batanes is an island province comprising ten islands that are located in the Luzon Strait between the islands of Luzon and Taiwan. It is the northernmost part of the Philippines and is also the smallest province, both in terms of population and land area. Early year of 2012, a thought of visiting Batanes came to … Continued

The Legacy of Juan Diego

I didn’t expect to see God when I got off the bus, but I definitely felt something supernatural in the air. The tour group was mostly white Americans, though a few of us were Hispanic and black. As the tour guide led us through the throng of worshipers in the plaza to the front door … Continued

Ukraine, Tustan: “Stand Here”

“Tustan!” he yelled out in the melodic tone only locals use. The wind carried the word into the woods and valleys below us. “Tustan!” I echoed him but the sound of my own voice was not as soft and deep as his; he belonged here. Tustan, literally translated, the name of the place means “Stand … Continued

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How could I choose between Paris and London?

Paris or London? How could I choose between two cities which attract millions of visitors annually ? London is four times as large as Paris and has 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. London has London Eye, Paris has Eiffel Tower, London has pub food, Paris has croissants – ok, I have to admit this one … Continued

California Reality

Do you like water or mountains? Snow or surf? Shopping or relaxing? Yeah, I like all of them all too. Now, you’re probably thinking that California is a pretty big place and not really a very specific topic. You’re right. It’s huge and that why it inspired me. Some parts of the gorgeous Golden State … Continued

Motorbiking Vietnam: Losing Myself

Why do I travel? I’m searching for those moments when I lose myself. When I stop thinking. When my brain shuts off. When I just notice what is around me. I’m zooming around on my rented motorbike, observing the mountains outside of Bac Ha, a tiny town in northern Vietnam. The rice paddies stretch around … Continued

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We Said Go Travel