Where is freedom in the USA?

Sep 11, 2016

By Andrea Scott

Where is freedom in the USA?

The sounds of sirens, yells, and cries surround me. There are over a million views of these images on the screens, as the country witness the devastating death of these men who were unable to even say good bye. In a world where violence has corrupted our communities, hatred has filled so many hearts; it is difficult to form a smile because the aftermath of sadness still remains on our faces. Freedom is the only thing we longer for…
At times when the world feels so heavy and my big heart no longer can hold it all, I find myself drifting away, trying to find freedom for us all. I look for the freedom to be happy and smile again, to cling on harder and tighter to my loved ones, to erase negative influences, and to find greatness in life in order to truly live.
Every summer, I travel to different states and countries seeking for a new lesson about life, while I search for pieces of freedom. Although, I was born free, I think I sometimes I forget the significance, however, when I travel I realize its importance. On my recent travels to Poultney, Vermont, I learned a valuable lesson about freedom.

Each day I took a daily walk down the streets of College Drive, and as I walked, silence filled the air. The townspeople waved and smiled, and always wanted to speak to me. When I entered the local restaurants and small shops, I was always amazed by the support the townspeople gave to keep other. Every moment was filled with smiles and laughter, and I found myself laughing and smiling again. The townspeople hugged me as if I was part of their community, and they always invited me to visit historical places.

On my trip to Pond Hill Ranch, I learned how to horseback ride. While sitting on top of the horse as we took our break from the trail, I looked at the view of the green mountains. Staring at the mountains, while the breeze of the wind hit my face, I stared at the sky and those sounds of sirens, yells, and cries began to fade away.
The next day, I went to the local farm to learn about farm life. Watching the families and neighbors work hard together to take care of their animals, farms, and each other, I realized how much love there was on this farm. I felt my heart missing my own family members and wanted to cling on to them, so I called them every day to say that I loved them.

Although I was the only black woman in this small town, my physical features were not important to the townspeople, and they treated me with much love and respect. Every day they wanted to know more about me, and they cherish my stories as I told them more about my life. They stared at me in awe, and then those negative factors began to fade away.
One of the best gifts about traveling is the lesson that you receive, and a new perspective about life that you take with you when you return home.

There are too many of us who are unable to travel, and some of us are not able to make it back home to even tell our loved ones good bye; however, I pray that you find that destined path that God has paved for you, that allows you to find that freedom within yourself, to know that you are free.

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Andrea Scott

My name is Andrea Scott and I am a Spanish Fourth Grade Teacher. I am a St. Louis, Missouri native and I enjoy traveling and learning new languages. I am currently working on my first children's novel, and I have recently published my first blog titled, NotYourOrdinaryLady.com. I have always had a passion for writing and inspiring others. My dream is to published literature that will allow readers and writers to be inspired by my stories, and then be able to tell their own unique stories.

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