Be Free in The Egyptian Red Sea

Be Free in The Egyptian Red Sea The Red Sea. A place for world-class diving in warm, gin-clear waters. It is a playground for scuba divers and snorkelers of all ages, a honeymoon destination for happy couples and an affordable beach resort for families. ‘The Red Sea. A place of adventure, somewhere to escape to … Continued

Forging my Inquisitive Name in Egypt

Forging my Inquisitive Name in Egypt Standing in a shop in Cairo, I spelled out my name for the clerk, both in English and in Arabic. Should it end with an eliph or a taa marbuta? We went back and forth, settling on aliph, the first letter of the alphabet, and I handed over a … Continued

The touch of human genuineness in Egypt

The eerie lack of crowds was fast becoming a theme on this exotic holiday. Our reassuring guide, Samir and his impeccable travel arrangements did not completely take away the niggling thought of some disaster lurking round the corner which we must have been oblivious to whilst planning, in contrast to the cautious who had chosen … Continued

Mahmya Me in Egypt

I’ll never forget those fish. How they terrorized me with every fin flip. These glittered, finger-sized beasts chased me all the way into his arms. There, we floated in a turquoise sea with a rainbow of plump fish orbiting us. Seagulls whistled above in a clear blue sky, as wet salty hair crinkled with an … Continued

Egyptian Moonscape in Egypt

Landing in Egypt, the total tourist destination that was Sharm El Sheikh did not evoke a sense of bravery or boldness. In fact driving through Sharm El Sheikh was like an American dream of hotels and swimming parks. The sense that we were just passing through, this is what evoked that thing deeper inside of … Continued

Moonplay in Egypt

  Moonplay in Egypt We were lounging in a felucca on the Nile River, ripples of eternal water lapping at the sides of this sailboat of ancient design. We were waiting, and some were getting tired of waiting. The tour guide—young, handsome, and rather sexy—and another member of the tour group—also young, attractive, and rather … Continued

Playing Football in Egypt

Travelling to an unknown place is surely exciting but it can also be daunting. There is fear, a feeling of uneasiness coupled with eagerness to know the unknown, especially if one is going to a place which is culturally very different from theirs. The language can be a barrier as can be the lifestyle yet … Continued

The parched sand of Tahrir Square, Egypt

Cairo’s Tahrir Square is an uninspiring sandbox, lacking any color or foliage. It is surrounded by unloved concrete and internationally-notorious traffic. It is a feeble place to launch a revolution. But in 2011, Tahrir Square became an Earthly portal linking mortals and the Olympus gods. We jammed drinking straws through the sand and sucked up … Continued

Egypt: Traversing the Gulf of Aqaba

I haven’t awoken in sub- zero mizzling Cornwall…i have awoken in a large airy tiled room, wrapped tightly in crisp Egyptian cotton…I am 6000 miles away from the sum of my past 23 years and there are no centipedes or scorpions that have wheedled their way in to the fresh folds of my swaddlings. The … Continued

Ascent of Sinai, Egypt

The sky was inky black, the stars glittering in the perfectly clear, cold morning. At four in the morning, the sun had yet to warm the barren wastes of the Sinai Peninsula. Instead of safely tucked into my bed at the small hotel at the foothills of the mountain, I was bundled into my warmest … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel