New York, New Mistakes


“You know you can come home.” “Thanks, Dad.” “Really.  You can always come back here. Regroup.  Go out again when you feel ready.” “Dad. There’s nothing for me at home.”  I said the word home because, to my dad, home meant Utah.  To me, I still hadn’t found my definition of home yet.  Home felt […]

Carry-On/Carry On in the USA


Carry-On/Carry On by Sarah Vedomske             49 pounds of cotton and denim–that is what my checked bag, my Normal People Luggage, holds. It is a selection of clothing I’ve pained over for weeks, whittling down, rolling tighter and tighter like burritos, rearranging so every last gap is filled like a game of Tetris. I wheel […]

An Unexpected Snowy Morning in Vermont


With my eyes half open and my brain not quite alert I clumsily feel around my bed for the ringing phone. I find a fork, a plate, a whole bunch of crumbs, a dog toy and a computer before I locate the source of the noise.  Ah, the life of a single girl. I squint […]

Meal in Heaven at Saburo’s, Oregon


An automatic smile highlights my face every time I’m at Saburo’s Sushi in Portland, Oregon. Going to the restaurant used to be a treat only for birthdays, and maybe once every few years, since there’s almost always a line at the door. In more recent times, I’ve been going there quite frequently and have established myself as a […]

The Crystal Palace Part 2: In the Depths of Marengo Cave


 Click here to read Part 1 As we entered what appeared to be a dragon’s cave in the side of a hill, I saw that the cave itself is very “American-style” accessible. Each chamber is brightened by colored lights strategically and aesthetically placed by the Light Masters who specialize in placing light systems in the […]

The Singing Sands in the United States


The Singing Sands : Saint Joseph, Michigan, United States “The space…silence…darkness….light…atoms,” the calm monotonous voice guides me in my “personal journey of self-discovery” within the four tall white walls of the smallest room at Krasl Art Center. What does every single word trigger inside of me? Love, family, children, laughter, freedom…the memories were pouring back […]

Independence: Feeling Free in the USA


Independence: Feeling Free In the USA Sometimes I feel as if the world isn’t spinning for me anymore. It’s as if the world is spinning but I’m not moving with it. I begin to feel congested with shallow thoughts that ultimately don’t matter, but I know how to always bring myself back. I know how […]

Garden of the Gods, Illinois


To me freedom is a feeling of peace. To best find that peace in life, I must wander. Sometimes that means just sneaking away to my secret spot at my favorite park after a tough day at work for a few hours to just breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the scenery. But on […]

U.S.A. Dreams


As a person who has traveled extensively, I can honestly state that every place is unique, having its own sense of freedom. Each place I have been to indeed have very obliging people. There are many places in the world in which the people living there are controlled and do not have a sense of […]

New Mexico: The Small Yet Majestic Places


There are some places on earth that truly deserve to be called ‘beautiful.’ Some places that are awe-inspiring in their natural beauty. Some places that we can feel free and independent. These places are few and scattered jewels among the everyday rock of the rest of the earth. The Pecos River, New Mexico is one […]