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The Hurricane Summer in New Orleans

IMG_4601August 31, 2008

People from the southern United States have a by-the-numbers routine for topics of conversation. The first topic is always your name. The second is the weather. In no place else and at no other time is weather more important than in the South in the Summer. In New Orleans as the summer ripens, the weather […]

The Road to Everywhere in the U.S.A.


As the van pulled away, I stood on the porch of my Nebraska home and wondered what life would be like now that I was fatherless. After three years of watching him suffer through chemo, radiation and surgery, I came home to see a hospice van sitting in my driveway, and knew it was over. […]

The Place that Reveals in Maine


I’ve found that a city will swallow you up, make you feel anonymous and newborn as it casts you in its bricks, molds you and shapes you until you fold seamlessly into its walls. But a small town will be a mirror. A small town will reveal and inspire you with your own history. A […]

The United States, One Big Family


There has been a plethora of cataclysms over the years in the United States. From the attacks on September 11th in 2001, to Hurricane Sandy just last year. The United States has been able to come in sync as a whole and fight through every disincentive that comes our way. That’s why if I were […]

New York City is the Place to Be


If you could name one place in the world that has everything and could do it at any time at the day, what would you say? Duh, New York City! The city is full of freedom, opportunities, and inspiration from every street corner. You could easily just wake up one morning with nothing to do […]

River Gods: Confessions of a Grand Canyon Guide

richard river

Richard Bang is the judge for our Inspiration Travel Writing Contest! We hope his story inspires you to share yours! It all began, for me, at a meeting of the Canoe Cruisers Association, the Washington, D.C. chapter. In the midst of the button-down capital there is an underground of cutoffs and t-shirts that each weekend […]

Nevada, USA: Venturing out in the Valley of Fire

Beehive Rocks

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth there were great sand dunes in what is now know as Nevada. Eons marked by wind, water and shifting red sands created the Valley of Fire. Weird and wonderful rocks and fissures mark the landscape today. Striations in sandstone and limestone carved by natural elements stand out in stark […]

Spanish Moss and Ghosts: Savannah, Georgia

In Catherine Ward house

By Judith La Porte Savannah, Georgia – picturesque, charming, immersed in history and haunted. A pleasant drive from Atlanta where my daughter, Amy is currently living, it is a place I had always longed to visit. Like many others I was fascinated by the depiction of the elegant and eccentric Savannahians in John Berendt’s 1994 […]

New York: Lake George from the Porch

Lake View by Woody Sherman

I’ve been visiting a 100 year old house on the shore of Lake George, New York. It reminds me of the lodges you find in National Parks out west, mainly because of its stacked stone pillars and the design cut into the balusters of the porch railings. Built out of solid materials and with an […]

Tennesseeing is Believing


“Tennesseeing is Believing” When people go travelling they usually bring home some souvenirs. They stuff trinkets into every available pocket and crevice of their luggage. But I’ve never been one to go with the norm. On my first adventure overseas I didn’t just pick up a few travel-themed T-shirts. No, I went much further than […]