Gelatinous Rice Pig on a Flower


My peculiar visit to Hanoi had become more bizarre! I used to work at the China Daily in Beijing. I figured I I would look into similar newspaper editing (while monitored by the state) work in Hanoi, which is where a paper called the Vietnam News is based. So I grabbed a copy of the […]

Adventures in Arkansas


It all started over dinner in our first apartment. John was cooking, and we were talking about the future, as young people in love are prone to doing.  We were both bemoaning the fact that Stars Hollow, Connecticut, the fictional town from the television show Gilmore Girls, was indeed fictional. Wasn’t there any place in […]

New York, New Mistakes


“You know you can come home.” “Thanks, Dad.” “Really.  You can always come back here. Regroup.  Go out again when you feel ready.” “Dad. There’s nothing for me at home.”  I said the word home because, to my dad, home meant Utah.  To me, I still hadn’t found my definition of home yet.  Home felt […]

An Act of Bravery in Spain


There are those who are pessimists by blood and wanderers by spirit. To be both, you must be brave, and to be neither, you must be strong-willed. I am neither and both, but I am invisible. Exclusively, I divined in the peacefulness of sitting beneath a tabletop and writing endless stories of characters that enabled […]

Temple of Preah Vihear: Sacred amidst Tensions


When I found out that it was possible (albeit near-impossibility at that time) to visit this sacred temple on a day trip from Siem Reap in 2012, I immediately grabbed the opportunity to see it while it was then — once again — enjoying a short “time of peace”. For a very long time in […]

American Girls


American Girls By Courtney Lund “Let’s go!” I said. We were off on our road trip around America.             Kelly, my college best friend, and I were twenty-two and recent college graduates. The real world full of eight-hour days, cubicles, and office meetings was a far off place that we weren’t ready to partake in. […]

196 Countries to a Better You


Even if you’ve only got a thousand dollar limit on your credit card, you better put some of the loose change from your pockets aside in a piggy bank for a travel fund.             Travelling isn’t just about seeing the world, or adding another postcard to your collection; it’s about getting into the nitty-gritty-but-sometimes-luxurious experience […]

A Sacred Light in Spain


  When I entered the cathedral, everything that was on my mind quickly slipped away. I forgot that my morning train had been late, and that I had to wait in line for a few hours. I forgot that my hostel’s quality was sadly only worth the ten euros I had spent on it. I […]

Nigeria: Somewhere in the Middle East


‘High rising bullet ridden walls, sky seasoned with black smoke, a street left in ruin.’ That was not how the story started but where I chose to. This is what has become of a once beautiful city of Homs, somewhere in the Middle East. I have learnt to skip the first few pages or chapters […]

Iao Valley, USA


Iao Valley The chilled stream, which traverses through peaceful botanical gardens in the depths of Iao Valley, once turned a vibrant crimson from the bleeding bodies of fallen soldiers. In 1790 Kamehameha I, in an attempt to unite the Hawaiian Islands, battled Kalanikupule, leader of Maui and Maui’s army. Maui’s army, equipped only with spears […]