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Discovering Freedom in the USA


Discovering Freedom in the USA 6:05 a.m. – groan and wake up 6:10 a.m. – have coffee, one cup 7:00 a.m. – sigh and start work 12:00 p.m. – go completely berserk 5:30 p.m. – stuck in rush hour 7:00 p.m. – frozen dinner, devoured 7:30 p.m. – have travel day-dreams 9:30 p.m. – concoct […]

Travel Dreams in the USA


TRAVEL DREAMS I know the fluorescent lights are making my pale skin look green. “I want to run away,” I thought as I pulled my laptop out while grasping the bar on the right side of the recliner allowing me to move effortlessly from a seated position to a supine one. Feet up, sequined pink flip-flops framing my […]

Freedom From Concentrate in Turkey


I break through one of the many crowded entryways to the world famous Grand Bazaar and let out an audible, astonished gasp. Never in my life have I seen so much activity in one place and it’s happening all around me; 360 degrees. It’s crowded, noisy, stiflingly hot and smelly-in ways both pleasant and not. […]

Nicaragua:Unexpected places the truth hides


Sitting on a beach is perhaps the most stereotypical place to ‘find yourself’ but my experience was a little different. Yes it was a ‘tropical’ beach with white sand and clear warm waters in Mexico but it represented to me everything I didn’t want and everything I wanted to be free from. Hundreds of burnt […]

1974 in Nepal


I spoke to my father above the roar of the Kathmandu streets, narrow and complex as veins. “There wasn’t a single car in Kathmandu when I was there,” he said, his voice light with disbelief. I told him about climbing to the top of one of the temples in Durbar Square, and a wiry boy […]

Breathing in the Brave In the USA


I walk down the path and I can breathe. Suddenly, I’ve risen above. I’ve risen above the traffic, the incessant rumble of rubber meeting pavement. I’ve risen above the strip malls filled with stuff that melts my brain into a mush of consumerism and more, more, more. I’ve risen above the clouds, and I’m at […]

Field Worker


Field Worker All morning, bussed South from Mexico City, I watch Volkswagens and motorcycles- some with three riders- blur by in a stream of color and faces. Blue smoke puffs from chrome tailpipes, the putter and exhaust of worn rings and neglected metal that will soon seize. If angels breath, they won’t fly here. Not […]

How Salamanders led me on my travels


When I was little my mom, sister, me and our dogs used to get lost on purpose. We lived in the country of the deciduous North Eastern United States. Maple, birch, apple, cherry, oak and ash trees rooted themselves on our rolling hills. No matter if it were early spring or late fall, leaves would […]

An Act of Mindfulness in Koya-San


I was jolted out of sleep by a panicked feeling, fearful that I had overslept and blinded by the morning brightness that had infiltrated the room through the thin screen doors. The space heater had automatically turned off in the middle of the night and the mountain chill permeated the room. I pulled my blankets […]

Why I Fell For Bali

Rice Fields in Ubud

It definitely wasn’t the love from the first sight. The Island of the Gods phrase didn’t strike me through the first, nor the second, time I visited Bali. Shirtless beer-swilling Australians, bronzed Italian women in their tiny bikinis, Russian-speaking locals echoing the Kuta strip trying to sell anything and everything, the somewhat bizarre wooden penis […]