Cemented Cultures in Sarajevo, Bosnia


I arrive in Sarajevo knowing practically nothing about it. Tired and disorientated, my friend and I joke that it must be a decent place to visit since Bosnia and Herzegovina has competed in the Eurovision. Disembarking the rickety train from Serbia, we have no map, but the name and reservation number of a hostel. Amna, […]

Gratitude, a Lingua Franca, France


Gratitude opens the world—it is the lingua franca of our species. Even if we grasp no other words in a foreign tongue, we will always strive to master please, thank you and where is the bathroom? the last of which implies the very definition of gratitude in its hoped-for relief of urgency. Once removed from […]

Back to the Roots in Nigeria


Travel is said to be a great part of learning. Basically, travel is either for business or pleasure and rarely both. This time I travelled for the latter (tourism), to go and see what life looks like outside the city. Born and brought up in the city of Makurdi, capital of one of the North […]

Searching for trams in Hong Kong


One of my favorite things about living in Hong Kong was traveling an hour south from my home to see the trams glide up and down the northern part of Hong Kong Island. So when I returned to Hong Kong two years ago for the first time in fourteen years, I made sure my husband […]

Getting to know the locals in Thailand


Around the world, Thailand is known as, “The land of smiles” for good reason.  No matter where you go within the kingdom, the people that you will meet are more than likely to welcome you with open arms.  They are famous for their welcoming nature, curiousness and carefree attitude towards life.  A common way to […]

Dharamshala, India – Find your consolation here!


There are very few places in the world which encapsulate you into its atmosphere giving you a sense of fulfilment. One such place for me is Dharamshala in North of India in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala has a serenity about it that made me appreciate and thank life for whatever it has offered […]

The Great Family Beach Tour to Indonesia


  So we as a family want to set apart one holiday exclusively for beaches, calm beaches. We even gave it a title – ‘Beach Tour’. There we head to the shores of Lombok archipelago. The Gilis had always been in our list. The only child in our 4-member group, 5 year-old Evy, my niece, […]

India: If Not Now, Then When


India: If Not Now, Then When “Excuse me miss, are you travelling by yourself?” he asked. “Yes”, she replied rather vehemently. A tiny voice inside her head murmuring out aloud reminding her that this was such a contrast to the somewhat awkward self-conscious girl she once was. That was two years ago. In an ‘if […]

Revisiting Hong Kong and Its (Disappearing) Neon Signs

Neon at Luk Fu

I still remember my first impressions of Hong Kong. Racing through Kowloon in the back seat of a red taxi at midnight in 1990, I saw the neon. Bright and colorful, flashing and still, the neon signs peered at me through the side streets as my taxi made its way to the quiet of the […]

The Healing Powers of San Gemini, Italy


I suffer from a long term chronic illness which affects my health severely. In 2009 I was convinced to get away from my home town and start anew in North Queensland. The move initially helped but after the excitement of a new place wore off my health continued to degrade. Soon I could not concentrate […]