8 Top Things to See in the Netherlands

Amsterdam Canals

Vivid images of colorful countryside and rustic villages come to mind when the Netherlands is mentioned. It is a stark contrast to the other highly urbanized places in Europe, and is a delight to visit for those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere. Not to be missed are the following: 1. The Canals of Amsterdam […]

The Lao Children of the Mekong River


I’ve always believed that to be free, to find a place that will truly be free, you need to love yourself and embrace all your flaws. It must be a place that is accepting and where you can truly breath in the essence of God’s beauty. When I reached an age where I could travel […]

The Screaming Monkeys of Cambodia


The Screaming Monkeys of Cambodia The temple is a tiny thing, made of stone and wood, but as I stand in front of the doors shifting my backpack it seems as if the tiny building is much bigger than it does to the naked eye. My glasses have fogged up– the Cambodian heat and humidity, […]

Home Through Her Heart in Singapore


I live in a country I love. A country that through it’s stringent laws, and perhaps suffocating tendencies, holds a place I call home. Home is arguably one of the most common topics we talk about here in our tiny island. After all, it is difficult to find a sense of belonging in a land […]

Water Between the Ice in Mexico


So today was pretty eventful. A black, female lawyer from Yale living in Paris told me who I am. Well. Sort of. I have been in Mexico City for a week now and it’s not exactly been what I have expected. I had been eagerly awaiting the intense heat of a Mexican desert in summer. […]

WSGT: One Quarter MILLION on YouTube

Lisa Ellen Niver's first three articles on USA Today

We Said Go Travel on YouTube is at 249,266 views nearly ONE QUARTER MILLION VIEWS!  There are currently 498 subscribers. Will you be #500? Enjoy my next Instagram photo essays in the Jewish Journal:     My experiences at Taste of Los Angeles     Dining at Bourbon Steakhouse in Glendale     The media preview night at The NICE GUY  My bio is […]

Freedom to Practice in Rome, Italy


Although her eyes are full of tears, my mother smiles, waving me on and mouthing, Go!, as I walk away from them and into the security line. I really don’t know how to feel about a year studying abroad in Spain. Excitement, anxiety, uncertainty and a sense of disbelief all jump around in my stomach. […]

Telica Roars in Nicaragua


Telica Roars in Nicaragua Now and then, we come across a place that is so awe inspiring it brings back your entire lifetime in front of you. It reminds you of every choice you made and every decision you took. It convinces you that when you arrived at various crossroads of life, you chose one […]

The Raconteur in Costa Rica


The Raconteur in Costa Rica Sometimes what seems trivial at first, can often free your soul, and invite bliss into your life. It can be something as simple as a rush of breeze, a setting sun, or in my case, the look in her eyes. They possessed the familiarity of an old acquaintance. The wrinkles […]

Traveling Solo in the USA


I admit, deciding to travel to New York by myself was an act of spontaneity but nevertheless, it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Because I booked my flights far in advance, I wondered for some time if I would actually end up going by myself or whether one of my […]