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Home in the USA: Where Inspiration Never Stops


All around the world, there are iconic landmarks, natural wonders, and documentable moments in which we are able to take in with such awe and amazement. It is with these places, these people, and these experiences that we are lead to fall deeper into wanderlust and yearn for more minutes, more seconds, in every day […]

Honored to share in Vietnam

Winslow - Vietnam

Prolonged exposure to the frenzied pace of Southeast Asia’s mega-metropolitan areas is perhaps best remedied by a detour to Hoi An in central Vietnam. In addition to the beautiful Cua Dai Beach showcasing views of the Cham Islands, the former port trading center offers a picturesque and historic, UNESCO-designated downtown featuring centuries-old Vietnamese homes, museums […]

Historic City of Ayuttaya: Carefully Picking Things Up


The challenge posed by this site is to make sense of the scattered remains of a former strong Southeast Asian empire’s capital.  The historic city of Ayutthaya gained global importance due to its strategic trading location and strong diplomatic networks that were highly prized by the Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, and even the British. […]

Hong Kong: From Dusk till Dawn


The evening sun – a vivid and striking shade of orange – descended behind a passel of skyscrapers, making way for the night that imperceptibly drew a blanket of darkness over the Hong Kong sky. As I stood there by the roadside, a lone figure cast in the shadow of dusk, I allowed the street […]

Bogota, Colombia Changed My Life


A heart strives off of dreams and encouragement in life. Whether someone believes they have a dream or not, everybody has hopes and desires. Despite the amazing truth in this, we still let so many things get in the way of us and our dreams. We don’t go out and explore the world or seek […]

Thai-ed and Twisted in Thailand


There is no donut headrest involved in a traditional Thai massage. No lullaby lavender-scented oil to lubricate your limbs. Forget the bathrobe and freshly laundered sheets as well. Instead, imagine the last painful neck rub your well-meaning significant other ground into your deltoids and add a pinch of wrestling and a dash of floor yoga. […]

Safe and Sound in Sweet Little Salisbury, UK


In a world with almost 200 countries, thousands of cities, and billions of people, the travel possibilities are endless. There are simply too many places for one person to see in a lifetime, so prioritizing travel locations is a must. The best places to travel should include a strong sense of culture, be financially reasonable, […]

From Horrified to Beautified:India’s Trains


“Let’s take one of the sleeper class trains, it’s more economical and culture friendly,” Billy said enthusiastically. “No way, I’m scared! It seems dangerous; I bet criminals ride it. We will probably get robbed while sleeping. Let’s take first class with private rooms and locked doors. I heard it’s much safer for women,” my frightful […]

Craving for Cream Puffs in South Korea


I was at a party with a selection of great-looking mini-desserts. Having a sweet tooth, I got one of each. Meanwhile, my friend filled her saucer with her favorite cream puffs. I wondered why she didn’t try the other variants and I learned the answer as I forced myself to finish the ones on my […]

Watu Ondo Waterfalls in Indonesia

Watu Ondo

Twin bridges to twin waterfalls. A waterfall I encountered by luck makes the title of this piece I want to share with all travelers. My name is James HS Cameron, but like all people I know, you may call me Jem (gem stone). Growing up as a child I already figured out to have a […]