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The Classroom in Thailand


This morning I had a dream about being in the classroom again. I awoke to the grandfather clock that chimes every fifteen minutes throughout the house, feeling like I had seen them. In my dream, I’m standing at the head of a non-air-conditioned classroom. All ten ASEAN flags dangling from the walls. Five rows of […]

Historic City of Ayuttaya: Carefully Picking Things Up


The challenge posed by this site is to make sense of the scattered remains of a former strong Southeast Asian empire’s capital.  The historic city of Ayutthaya gained global importance due to its strategic trading location and strong diplomatic networks that were highly prized by the Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, and even the British. […]

Thai-ed and Twisted in Thailand


There is no donut headrest involved in a traditional Thai massage. No lullaby lavender-scented oil to lubricate your limbs. Forget the bathrobe and freshly laundered sheets as well. Instead, imagine the last painful neck rub your well-meaning significant other ground into your deltoids and add a pinch of wrestling and a dash of floor yoga. […]

Where the Death Railway in Thailand leads


The bus drops me off just outside the busy terminal. Braving the searing heat of the afternoon sun, I trudge across Kanchanaburi. It is a typical Thai town, its streets lined with delicious street-food, uniformed schoolchildren, and bustling shops hawking their wares. Slowly, I continue walking. Then it comes into view; a walled-off oasis, sequestered […]

“Mai pen rai, take it easy!” in Thailand


“Mai pen rai, take it easy!” It is 7 o’clock in the morning, the alarm clock plays an Italian song and I point my eyes towards a corner of the window on my left: the sun reflects the shape of the grid on the wall. I remain in bed another couple of minutes to observe […]

Charm of Chiang Rai, Thailand

mantrini lobby

For our first visit to Chiang Rai, I searched on for a place with a pool. I found the Mantrini, which was recently featured in the magazine, Chiva and shared the Chiang Rai Charm of the property. While we stayed there, we enjoyed being next door to Centre Plaza and seeing a brand new […]

Luxury in Chiang Mai with

Le Meridien Chiang Mai

After traveling in Asia for the last eighteen months, I have to admit Thailand is my favorite country. I love visiting new places, but I think I could live in Koh Samui or Chiang Mai. I hope that you have the chance to explore Chiang Mai! Are you wondering where to sleep in Chiang Mai, […]

A Life Without Limits in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand


At the moment I live on an island called Koh Phi Phi in southern Thailand. Having spent the last year backpacking Asia I began running low on funds so after hitch hiking/couch surfing my way up Malaysia (hair raising at times but definitely worth it) I found myself with an English girl and an American […]

Inspired by over 500 writers!

white temple

From our Latest News: Inspired by OVER 500 Writers! Ever wonder how big is the World Wide Web? According to Internet Live Stats there are 844, 075, 445 websites and the number is going up every second! We are fast approaching ONE BILLION websites online. At WeSaidGoTravel, we are proud that Global Alexa ranks us in the […]

Thailand: Life in Lamai


From our Latest News: Hello from Koh Samui, Thailand. Lately we have been enjoying life in Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand. See photos above and below for the band George has been playing with at Rock Island House Bar and our new friends from this visit. When we were here last Poi was a tiny eight-month […]