Surviving in Morocco is Easy!


            It was early in the Parisian morning, and I was waiting for a cab to take me to the airport.  After solo backpacking through small European towns, I was headed to a land of camels, deserts, snake charmers, leather and Berber rugs.             Au revoir francais, fromage, et baguettes.             And Salam to Fez, […]

Embracing the Madness in Morocco


Embracing the Madness in Morocco by Andrea Duty   Sometime between being caked with black soap and having my boobs scrubbed with what I can only assume was steel wool, I got the giggles. I should have clued in to the oddities to come within the hammam when I was handed a white paper thong […]

Secrets of the Sahara in Morocco


Sitting in a small circle around the fire that evening, darkness fell all around us. Beyond the glow of the fire, the endless sand dunes that extended outward in every direction fell asleep in the alluring shadows of the night. Above us, the scintillating stars in the infinite sky twinkled with divine secrets to which […]

Saharan Sands in Morocco


Sugar-packed mint tea coursed through my blood, and the light, quick pounding of Berber drums resounded throughout the tent. Travelers brushed aside the weariness setting upon them from a long day of camel riding through the Moroccan Saharan, and filled the colorful tent from edge to edge with their multi-language babbling. A hand callused by […]

Morocco: Saha صحة


Perched upon sky blue stools that match the wooden square tables and painted archways of this small upstairs café. Hunched over sketchbooks, our backs resting on the propped open balcony doors that overlook the grandiose palace Mohammed Sixth. Men sing funeral hymns below, carrying a small wooden coffin the size of a child. Walking the […]

Chefchaouen, Morocco: The Television of Nomads


We pay the ferryman with a coin into his mouth and he whizzes us across the Strait of Gibraltar, across waters of indigo and cerulean collapsing into jade, a white foam skirt trailing behind us. At the crest of every wave I release a breath—exhaling my Western anxieties, the weights I carry at home in […]

Merzouga, Morocco: A night among the stars


“Just hold on tightly, Fatima,” said the Berber man as I felt myself being thrown forward, and almost a second later felt myself being dipped back as my camel stood up. The name ‘Fatima’ had become almost second nature to me as our driver, Omar, had christened me as such from the start of our […]

Morocco: Why does Abdul Live in the Desert?


Anna puts her hand on my leg as I climb into the four-by-four. We’re in the small Moroccan town of Rissani, our final stop before Erg Chebb – one of Morocco’s Saharan ergs. Mustafa, the driver, smiles and says, “Welcome Maroc” – a phrase we’ve heard at least two dozen times in half a dozen […]

Deadly Morocco: Time Wounds All Heels

Richard in Morocco

“I learnt the satisfaction which comes from hardship and the pleasure which springs from abstinence,” -Wilfred Thesiger, Arabian Sands, 1959 My son Walker wants to join me on an adventure in Morocco. I propose a rash undertaking, a trek to the Riff Mountains, the Mediterranean coastal range where the grass is greener, so they say… […]

Saving Large to Morocco with Discount Airfare

LG Morocco

Since I was a youngster, I dreamed of one day visiting Morocco. Towns and cities with exotic names such as Rabat, Casablanca, and Fez beckoned me from across the Atlantic Ocean. In 2008 when I researched direct flights from Los Angeles to Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Rabat, I noticed that most flights went via either London […]