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In Photos: Tri Hita Karana

In a village temple in Gyaniar, Bali.

The cultural landscape of Bali in Indonesia is largely shaped by the traditional belief systems of its locals. Tri Hita Karana — roughly translated into English as “the three causes of prosperity” – is a philosophy that governs and guides the daily lives and attitudes of Balinese. This unique concept puts premium to the universal respect of and […]

Kaleidoscopes in Austin, Texas

Austin Blog Pic

Taillights stretch long past the line of sight, blurring like the colors of a twirling kaleidoscope. Traffic is to be expected along the highways and byways of Central Austin, but this is far worse if one is not prepared. This is typical traffic plus all of the travellers converging for the latest international event, adding […]

Dreaming of South Korea

Aviary Photo_130368083940981037

I was once told that I could never be where I am now. Now I am being told that I can never go to where I want to be. To breathe air from a different part of this earth and feel foreign soil before my feet, to interact with others who are not quite like […]

Thinking about Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Thinking about Lamma Island

A little bit of the country side in the city. That is how you can describe Lamma Island best. It’s one of the many islands of surrounding Hong Kong. It’s small and cozy. You can only reach it by a ferry from the Central Pier. When I took that thirty minute ferry ride, almost two […]

My Place Somewhere in the USA


Where do I feel inspired? It doesn’t have a name. I can only describe the region of space to you. Sometimes this place has four or more walls. The enclosure changes shape and size by the hour. When the temporary barriers finish serving their purpose, they transform into oak trees, mountain ranges, or another face […]

Echar Los Perros (Release the Dogs) in Colombia


We spend our lives making safe choices: insurance policies, retirement funds, dual-side airbags. Then we travel. Only as our finger hovers over “Purchase” on the airline website are we free. In that moment, we haven’t yet determined when we should depart for the airport. We haven’t compared hotel reviews or fretted about connections in Dallas […]

What African Adventures in Mozambique Taught Me


Africa. While there, I am acutely aware of my impermanence on the continent. Beginning from that foundation limits my tendency to procrastinate; it pushes me to live each day fuller. However, as I reflect on my relationship with the continent I wonder whether it is the physical space – or something more – that inspires […]

Costa Rica: My Inspiration and My Nature

Volcano view

I find it beautifully ironic that I stumbled upon this travel writing contest the day before a significant anniversary in my life. It’s an anniversary I share with my significant other: nature. February 12th will forever be my “quit-aversary,” that is, the day I quit living someone else’s life and started living my own. After […]

Overcoming fear at the Great Barrier Reef,Australia

Great Barrier Reef

“Get in the water, woman! Get in the water!” No, I am not Allie, from The Notebook, being encouraged to jump into a modest, safe pond. I am Barbara Anne, and I was being encouraged to jump into the middle of the unknown, Pacific Ocean. “What if there are sharks!” I wailed to my boyfriend, […]

Four Thousand Miles and a Beach in France


I wake up on my first morning in Biarritz, France on a stiff double bed, my forehead sticky with sweat. In the first hazy minute between sleep and wake, I forget where I am. The eight hours I spent on a transatlantic flight bleed into my dreams. I sit upright and scan the room with […]