Freedom from Fear


I didn’t learn to snorkel as a kid. I had one visit to Barbados when I was 22 and a friend of the family taught me the basics. I was amazed at how hushed the world became when I put my head underwater with the ability to breathe. Everything went away except my heartbeat, my […]

Hawaii: Going with the Lava Flow


Going with the Lava Flow Navigating the treacheries and discovering new land at one of Earth’s fieriest national parks By Dale Patrick Myers A towering plume of sulfur-smelling smoke explodes from the crater of this desert landscape as a tepid breeze blows the sweet scent of jasmine and pushes the sinewy smoke over the devastated […]

Hawaii Travels Lead to Career Shift for TV Executive


In August 2013, I had an amazing adventure in Maui with my wife Kathy, our two kids Ben (12) and Leo (10) and my incredible in-laws.  This Hawaii adventure changed my life. I had worked as a TV and digital programming executive at networks like Playboy TV and ABC Family and produced reality shows, like American […]

Hooping in Hawaii for Happiness

waikiki view

During my first hula-hoop class I was not happy because the hoop often dropped on the ground. Our instructor, Tisha, reminded us to be gentle with ourselves; each time we picked up the hoop, she instructed us to tell ourselves something nice. My internal monologue grumbled as I initially thought my friend Amy was right. […]

Maui, Hawaii: Replenish Your Mana

George Kamana Hunter

Join George Kamana Hunter, an Intuitive Healer, in Maui for his workshop  Reclaiming Your Vitality in Maui on May 15-18, 2014 at Lemuria Maui. It was a cold, brisk morning in Astoria, Queens.  I left my NYC apartment 20 minutes late, wearing my long black wool coat to stay warm in the 20 degree weather. The coat made me look […]

Ripped Off in Honolulu… by a Bird!


A moment ago an elegant Japanese lady and her daughter stopped by the Honolulu zoo aviary and seated themselves on a wooden fence railing. They paused there, enjoying the diversity of bird life. Speaking to each other in rather hushed voices so as not to disturb the inhabitants or the serenity of the environment, they […]

The Grandeur of Nature: Waimanu Valley, Hawaii


Anticipation built with each step. The straps that were once a constant reminder of the weight of my pack, could no longer be felt. Perspiration penetrated my skin. My feet wore the wounds of the 9 mile treacherous incline of the Muliwai trail, but my heart begged me to continue forward. My senses told me […]

Hawaii USA: Finishing the Ironman Triathalon


Further, harder, longer times three. There I was out in the moonscape that is the lava fields on the leeward side of the big island of Hawaii. The hot wind was pushing my bicycle slightly sideways and my knuckles were turning white having to grip the handlebars. Riding out of the saddle meant a vertigo […]

Using Nokia Lumia 925 for We Said Go Travel

Lisa and Nokia

Thank you to Nokia Connects for sharing a Nokia Lumia 925 with us and letting us write about it on their site! Seeing the world is many people’s dream, and with inventions like the commercial airliner, taking time out to explore cultures and climates around our planet is very possible in this day and age. […]

#Honolulu: TONIGHT join us at Lotus Honolulu

Park restaurant waikiki

Hello Honolulu! We look forward to seeing you TONIGHT October 3, 2013 7pm at Lotus Honolulu for  Travel Talk Story with Lisa and George from We Said Go Travel: Living without Regret Have you dreamed of long-term international travels across Asia? Considered quitting your job to become a travel blogger and book writer? Want to connect with travel-minded […]