Navigating the World’s Chessboard in Colombia

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At the border between Colombia and Ecuador, there lies a cemetery so beautiful that they say it invites one to die. A place where sculpted green giants and doves watch over rows of flowers like Mother Earth’s sentries. I wander between the headstones at the topiary cemetery in Tulcán. Music drifts through the air as […]

Bogota, Colombia Changed My Life


A heart strives off of dreams and encouragement in life. Whether someone believes they have a dream or not, everybody has hopes and desires. Despite the amazing truth in this, we still let so many things get in the way of us and our dreams. We don’t go out and explore the world or seek […]

Friendly Faces in Colombia


My time in Colombia was brief but certainly very sweet. From admiring street art on the buildings in Bogota, to embracing the peace and beauty in the colonial town of Villa de Leyva, to endless partying in Medellin, every minute of my time there was well spent. Although the country has many positive qualities, and […]

Echar Los Perros (Release the Dogs) in Colombia


We spend our lives making safe choices: insurance policies, retirement funds, dual-side airbags. Then we travel. Only as our finger hovers over “Purchase” on the airline website are we free. In that moment, we haven’t yet determined when we should depart for the airport. We haven’t compared hotel reviews or fretted about connections in Dallas […]

Colombia: Mud, Sweat and Tears

mud bath colombia

You can dress a puddle of mud up how you like. Call it a “mud spa”, “a mud volcano”, even a “mud fountain” if you want-but essentially, it remains what it is-a puddle of mud. These are my thoughts as I stood on the wooden steps of the 15 metre El Totumo mud volcano in […]

Medellin, Colombia: City of Hope


“A woman was shot dead in this bar a few years ago” says my host brightly, passing me a plate of empanadas and a beer, “She was sitting right where you are now actually”. I resist the urge to leap out of my seat and head for the nearest airport. Medelllin, Colombia (pronounced Med-e-jin ) […]

Captivated In Bogota, Colombia


One of the byproducts of not planning a trip is that expectations drop to ambiguous media tidbits and scattered commentary from friends or fellow travelers, as was the case of Bogota, Colombia. It was the last stop of 3 months of travels through Central and South America, and was a close contender with Peru, Chile […]

Colombia: Free Yourself From Yourself


“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” The first time that I heard Brad Pitt’s quote in the movie Fight Club, I didn’t really put any thought into it but for some reason, the passage stuck with me in my mind. I was hiking in Colombia when this quote randomly […]

Colombia: Amazing New Years Eve in Cartagena


Happy Nearly New Year to all! Thank you to everyone for all your support for our site, our trip and making our dreams come true! We left Los Angeles six months ago and have spent two months in Indonesia, two months in Thailand, 27 days in Myanmar (Burma) and have been in India since November […]

Lodging and Traveling: The Andean Countries of South America


Moving within the Andean countries of South America requires a certain adaptability.  The rigors of travel are formed by both geography and culture, and distances are deceptively longer than they appear on a map.  A person can pull out a map and measure the space between two towns and think, “Well, how far can that […]