Breathing in the Brave In the USA


I walk down the path and I can breathe. Suddenly, I’ve risen above. I’ve risen above the traffic, the incessant rumble of rubber meeting pavement. I’ve risen above the strip malls filled with stuff that melts my brain into a mush of consumerism and more, more, more. I’ve risen above the clouds, and I’m at […]

The Bridge at Ripple Creek


As we lay on our backs every evening, the asphalt of the bridge still warm from the day’s sun, we tracked satellites in the sky like so many mosquitos buzzing over the valley. Above us, Billy’s Peak jutted out casting a harsh silhouette against the sky. Below us, Ripple Creek trickled along carrying the snow-melt […]

Me vs. the Mojave Desert


I always wanted to visit Las Vegas but not the same way most people want to. I wanted to land at McCarron Airport, check into my hotel, walk the strip a few times…and than disappear into the desert, not to be seen again until it was time to go home. And that is what I […]

How Yosemite, California Stole My Heart


There are some places you go that will always hold a special place in your heart. I’ve traveled to many countries and seen incredible sights – the Coliseum in Rome, the Astronomical Clock in Prague, the stunning vistas of New Zealand – but they lack the emotional draw of one place – Yosemite National Park. […]

Midwest Bones in the USA


Most of my life felt like I wanted to crack the door and let it all escape, like visiting a pet store and having an urge to free the puppies. A split second image comes to mind of prisoners running free while standing in slow motion satiated. I needed out. It started with a broken […]

Green Giants in California


The only true freedom exists in nature. It’s impossible to waste time here…it becomes imaginary when every second is spent doing exactly what I want. Not a single sound touches my ears. This absolute silence is more beautiful than any noise. I feel fulfilled in every sense, simply by viewing the wild forest that surrounds […]

Desert Nights in the USA

mojave sunset

My boyfriend and I graduated from film school physically, mentally, and creatively exhausted. We needed to decompress from the frenzied year of filmmaking. We needed to get away from the city and deadlines. We needed to travel. As storytellers and amateur photographers, nothing is more rejuvenating or affordable than a road trip. Finally free, we […]

Weekend Escapes: Santa Barbara Wine Country

Alisal Ranch & Resort Breakfast Ride (11)

Sometimes all you need is a weekend getaway to escape the weekly grind. My recent getaway to Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort in Solvang, California, the heart of wine country, was the perfect destination. After a long week, we left Los Angeles after dark, and after traffic, to drive up to Santa Barbara. Two hours […]

Be Still along the Sea in California


I recently returned from John Steinbeck country. This slice of the West Coast boasts some of the most scenic views in the world as well as rich farmlands bursting with fruits of the region. Fresh strawberries, lettuce, artichokes, avocados, and herbs are in abundance. The area oozes health of the physical, and spiritual variety. Temperatures […]

Avila Dog Beach, California


Avila Dog Beach I’m pushing my two-year old daughter Zelia in a chain link swing at the pirate themed seaside park in Avila Beach. She’s yelling “high-urr, fash-ter!” I’m growling “Arrrrrr!” Another couple sashaying their toddler in the adjacent swing asks me where I’m from. I say I live here. “It must be nice to […]