A Celebration in Pebble Beach


The bright green, perfectly manicured grass illuminates the giant pink and white rose petal heart, and a guitarist strumming a Beatles Love Song amplifies the cheesiness of the situation to everyone within earshot. I stand, dizzy with anticipation and sweating despite it being a comfortable 65 degrees, on the deck overlooking the 18th tee of […]

On the Strangest Sea in the USA


Otters, half-covered in kelp and half-asleep, are floating in the briny seawater to our left. There are also brown, glistening sea lions basking on the brown, glistening rocks nearby, braying at biscuit-munching tourists and at each-other. And sea birds, squawking loudly, thrashing their wings overhead and underfoot. The ocean itself is wailing like a fiend […]

Space Race in the USA


It’s 7 o’clock and as I leave the house the dawn-lit eastern face of the Sierra Nevada mountains looms above me.  A wide path through golden browns of brittle sages leads me to my first stop, a small abandoned bungalow, and then on to a small workshop filled with barely used tools and unfinished projects—all […]

Solo in the Sierras, USA


My headlamp swings like a pendulum, hanging from a carabiner clipped to the top of my tent, casting a cone of light on the void of space next to my sleeping bag—the naked nylon of the tent floor reminding me of one thing—this time, I am alone. I had been crafting the ten day Sierra […]

St. Regis Monarch Beach: Luxury Staycation #MyDanaPoint

Felix and Frosty Family St Regis Monarch Beach

St. Regis Monarch Beach: Luxury Staycation  #MyDanaPoint I went to Dana Point for to experience IlluminOcean and celebrate the holidays in Dana Point with a mile stroll of Mingle & Jingle with literally thousands of lights sculpted into fantastic glowing sea-themed attractions. In this video we experience St. Regis Monarch Beach. I cannot wait to […]

IlluminOcean: #MyDanaPoint 40 Nights of Holiday Lights

group fam dana point illuminocean

Experience IlluminOcean and celebrate the holidays in Dana Point with a mile stroll of Mingle & Jingle with literally thousands of lights sculpted into fantastic glowing sea-themed attractions. “The warmth of the Southern California winter season. The wonders of the deep blue sea. The dazzling spectacle of sights, sound and motion that’s electrifying our ocean views like […]

Instafriend in California


Instafriend At thirty-thousand feet, I was reading about destruction. I admit: it’s not the most pleasant subject matter for someone who’s facing her fear by confronting it. But I needed a plan, before landing, for how I could burn away everything that had been holding me back: frustrated relationships, insecurity about my career path, a […]

A Calling for a Roadtrip in the USA


A Calling for a road trip in the USA This’ll be the third night sleeping in the car. You know you could find a hotel, but somehow you don’t think you deserve it. You wonder if you can keep driving, but that long night in Oregon flashes into your mind, and you’re not really sure […]

Breathing in the Brave In the USA


I walk down the path and I can breathe. Suddenly, I’ve risen above. I’ve risen above the traffic, the incessant rumble of rubber meeting pavement. I’ve risen above the strip malls filled with stuff that melts my brain into a mush of consumerism and more, more, more. I’ve risen above the clouds, and I’m at […]

The Bridge at Ripple Creek


As we lay on our backs every evening, the asphalt of the bridge still warm from the day’s sun, we tracked satellites in the sky like so many mosquitos buzzing over the valley. Above us, Billy’s Peak jutted out casting a harsh silhouette against the sky. Below us, Ripple Creek trickled along carrying the snow-melt […]