Mountain Gorillas in the Jungles of Rwanda, Africa

Mountain gorilla baby eyes

With barely a sound the 160 kilo/ 350 pound gorilla walked right in front of me on the jungle hill side. Mountain gorillas only exist in high terrains of south western Uganda and neighboring Congo and Rwanda. For some, having the opportunity to hike to a family of mountain gorillas is the trip of a […]

Enjoy the Little Things in Italy


I remember the first time I boarded a plane and travelled to a different country. There is nothing quite like the thrill of going to a place you have never been to before. It was in 2009 for a week long school outing to the wonderful Réunion Island. As soon as we arrived I could […]

Embracing the Madness in Morocco


Embracing the Madness in Morocco by Andrea Duty   Sometime between being caked with black soap and having my boobs scrubbed with what I can only assume was steel wool, I got the giggles. I should have clued in to the oddities to come within the hammam when I was handed a white paper thong […]

Secrets of the Sahara in Morocco


Sitting in a small circle around the fire that evening, darkness fell all around us. Beyond the glow of the fire, the endless sand dunes that extended outward in every direction fell asleep in the alluring shadows of the night. Above us, the scintillating stars in the infinite sky twinkled with divine secrets to which […]

Rural Relaxation in Malawi


My bones creaked and my body yelped in pain as I rolled over and reached for my phone, but instead of the ghostly display satisfying my desire to know the exact hour at all times of day and night, I found only an inanimate piece of plastic. I then remembered, with the aid of the […]

Bravery in Malawi


I’m sure my parents won’t like to hear this but taking risks is part of experiencing the world. To quote a favorite movie of mine, “A life lived in fear, is a life half-lived.” I keep reminding myself of this when I question putting aside my anxieties and having faith that something will work out […]

The Open Air Mall in Zambia


It is the beginning of summer and I am at the mall buying shorts. I’ve been here for all of five minutes, and already I can feel a headache starting between my temples. The sales rep comes over. “Are you finding everything alright today?” I look at him and then at the selection before me […]

Nigeria: A Surreal Africa


I could not believe my eyes. There i was, amongst dignitaries from all works of life. I must have been the youngest in the bus. I was not sure how how i found myself there, but i knew that was where i belonged. Omotola Jalade had sat behind me, and Chimamanda Adichie, in front of […]

Karoo, South Africa: To The Hell and Back

Dinnertime at Jan-Eentand Cottage - Gamkaskloof

To The Hell and back Names tend to rub off on the holder because of the magnetic power within the spoken word, and it was on the road to The Hell that I boarded this thought train. Why would anyone name their dwelling place after torture and misery? Our trip to The Hell in the […]

Botswana: The Best Luxury Tented Camp in Africa


The Best Luxury Tented Camp in Africa Botswana safaris come in many shapes and sizes, and more often than not guests go to the lush Okavango Delta which is fantastic for game, but only covers a very small amount of Botswana. Most of Botswana is made up by the Kalahari Desert and the vast salt […]