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A South African Adventure Leads to Authentic Living


An South African Adventure Leads to Authentic Living Last weekend I gave a presentation at a Singles Summit about online dating. This is something that, three years ago, would have seemed silly. But I was 39 then. I turned 40 in South Africa and that’s when life changed … or, more precisely, that’s when I […]

Spending Your Miles Wisely in Senegal, Africa


Some would think that public transport is a service that carries you from one place to another rather than an adventure without regrets. After a year in Africa and with more hours clocked up in transit than is thinkable I would have to disagree. From car to bus, to boat to motorcycle, to pick-up trucks […]

Living on Ghana Time

ghana 1

At first light, a flock of birds broadcast their sandpaper calls from the tops of two tall palm trees next to the house. Soon after, the neighbors begin sweeping the shared courtyard, the swish-swish of twig brooms insisting that we get up, too, and start the day in the relative cool of an African dawn. […]

The Adventures of a MidWesterner in Rural Kenya


The Adventures of a MidWesterner in Rural Kenya 6 am, Thika, Kenya. The dim light spreading over the concrete floor of my dusty dorm room slowly melts into quiet wakefulness. The background noise of the river and jungle birds coaxes me awake almost as convincingly as it holds me in the last moments of sleep, […]

What African Adventures in Mozambique Taught Me


Africa. While there, I am acutely aware of my impermanence on the continent. Beginning from that foundation limits my tendency to procrastinate; it pushes me to live each day fuller. However, as I reflect on my relationship with the continent I wonder whether it is the physical space – or something more – that inspires […]

Invincible in Namibia

Dune 45, Sossusvlei, Namibia

I pull the Polo up at the boom-gate beside tool-laden four-wheel-drives and battered campervans. My sister, Ro, and I step into the heat and scout our surroundings for the legendary sand dunes of Sossusvlai, but all we can see are the drab grey brown hills and specks of angry vegetation that we have already come […]

Zambia: Walking Safaris are Good for the Soul

robin pope walking

Walking safaris in Africa are good for the soul, it’s a fact – getting back to basics with a private safari guide, exploring some of Africa’s most unique and game rich areas, all on foot. It feels natural and authentic and never will you get a better view of the bush than when on foot. […]

What If…in Namibia

Waterhole, Etosha Game Reserve, Namibia

In Namibia’s Etosha National Park, the Okaukeujo camp boasts a flood-lit waterhole where animals can be viewed at any time of the day or night. Ro and I visited the attraction on the first night of our stay at the camp and waited with the other tourists for lions to drop by, or a herd […]

Reaching for the sky in Kenya


Reaching for the sky Caroline unraveled from a tangle of ragamuffin children onto the compound of caked earth and crumbling concrete. She was an explosive meteor shower in her thin psychedelic planet-themed pajamas: zigzagging across the yard, shooting a ragged football and darting through the ‘don’t-mess-with-me’ older boys. She was there, then gone, before reappearing […]

The Melting Snows of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


I walked out the gate for the last time, carefully closing it behind me. I walked slowly, unwilling to move fast. Tears were building up in my eyes. Mama V walked along me in silence. I tried not to look back, I tried to move forward but I couldn’t fight it anymore. I stopped and […]