Thattekad riot of colors, Paradise of Birds in India


Being born with a lazy born I avoid every chance to go for birding trips. I would rather sit in 4×4 vehicle for hours spotting a Tiger coz it’s probably easy way out. Birds are super active species and will make you run around the jungle, so I must have done thousand coin tosses to […]

Injasuthi – Hair of the Dog, South Africa


Injasuthi – Hair of the Dog The wild little dog snarled and nipped at my heels as I manhandled the two-man croc into the water. Overhead the clouds growled like a large, plaintive stomach as the Injasuthi river snatched up the rafts like small, yellow treats. The well fed dog, or rather the Injasuthi, winds […]

Searching for trams in Hong Kong


One of my favorite things about living in Hong Kong was traveling an hour south from my home to see the trams glide up and down the northern part of Hong Kong Island. So when I returned to Hong Kong two years ago for the first time in fourteen years, I made sure my husband […]

Tell Them We Were Beautiful in the Philippines


Let’s do something unruly. Let’s get lost in our own selves and brush all the expectations of society aside. I’ll pack the bags and you can swing open the door. We’ll tell everyone where we’ve gone, but they’ll have no way of finding us there. We’ll wander into strange towns with strange buildings and we’ll […]

The Father of Adventure Travel: Richard Bangs

outside bangs

Richard Bangs is a judge for the We Said Go Travel Gratitude Writing Contest. Share your story in our sixth international contest. Enter now until Thanksgiving. This story about him is from Outside Magazine. Sponsored by Tudor. The Father of Adventure Travel: Richard Bangs For more than 40 years, no one has done more to shine […]

All to catch a glimpse of an Arctic sunset


 All to catch a glimpse of an Arctic sunset The last time I excitedly went into a rant about the race, 78° North and how incredible it’s going to be (whilst on crutches) a mountain guide replied “you can forget about it”. Something I was refusing to consider, never mind accept. Well that was it.I thought that choosing a […]

Ilocos Norte, Philippines: Paoay Opens Bacsil Sand Dunes


Sure, the sand dunes of Ilocos Norte have been used as the setting for the desert scenes in the movies Mad Maxx, Born on the Fourth of July, and the local blockbuster flicks ‘Ang Panday’ series and ‘Temptation Island’. The sand dunes have always been there. For the longest time, the locals knew it was […]

Saturdays in Manila, Philippines


I lean to open sliding doors and step onto the red-tiled lanai. It’s 6 a.m. A canopy of bamboo, trees, and pastel awnings portrays rural privacy. The mango Abby and I planted two years ago curtseys in a breeze, begging applause for her growth. I wonder if she’ll ever bear fruit. Most days, I walk […]

Gunung Mulu National Park: a World of Caves


The karst landscape of Gunung Mulu was inscribed in 2000 as Malaysia’s second UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. Among many natural sites already present in the prestigious list, Gunung Mulu easily stands out as it is one of the few that is inscribed on all four natural criteria set by the World Heritage Committee. These are: 1. it being an outstanding specimen […]



Prambanan temple compounds came in as one of the first world heritage sites of Indonesia in 1991. This site was inscribed under two criteria: as a masterpiece of human creative genius, and as an outstanding example of an architectural ensemble that represents a significant stage in human history (i.e., spread of Hinduism in the East). It happens to […]