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Mountain Girl hits the trail


When I climb mountains on my own, my out-of-the-mountains life melts away. I become a person who doesn’t have a messy kitchen and has no errands to run. While at times I feel like I am going to die from exertion, I also feel years falling off my shoulders. Give me a mountain range, and […]

Lost In the Pacific


There I was, standing among the great rock sculptures that define Easter Island. The giant Moai were in their timeless stance, staring down at me as the ocean waves crashed against the rocky coastline. Horses wandered freely, foraging for nutrients amid the volcanic rocks that dominate the landscape of this island, lost in the middle […]

Hitchhiking in Israel


The names and places in this story have been changed. I’ve experienced several Aha moments, as Oprah likes to refer to them over the course of my now fifty-nine years. Some small, some large, most occurring when least expected and all to some degree having a life defining affect. One memory in particular surfaced recently […]

Macao: the Hardly Seen Portuguese Side


I visited Macao during the cool month of December last year. Staying there for two days, I managed to visit all its historic monuments and properties that make up the UNESCO World Heritage inscription (together with some of its casinos :p). For most heritage geeks, I share the assessment that Macao is largely a “misinterpreted gem”. […]

Hawaii Travels Lead to Career Shift for TV Executive


In August 2013, I had an amazing adventure in Maui with my wife Kathy, our two kids Ben (12) and Leo (10) and my incredible in-laws.  This Hawaii adventure changed my life. I had worked as a TV and digital programming executive at networks like Playboy TV and ABC Family and produced reality shows, like American […]

Somewhere to Sleep: Catba Island, Vietnam

Amber Young

Darkness surrounds me, and I am alone. Rain pounds down around me, and I know that my backpack is getting wet; I lost my pack cover a few weeks ago to a gust of wind. I feel a building sense of dread – will I find a place to sleep tonight? I had left my […]

Wyoming: The Mountain That Runs In My Veins

Grand Tetons 4

When my father was 16-years old, his father took him and his older brother to Wyoming to climb The Grand Teton. Towering above beautiful Jackson Hole, WY, “The Grand” is the highest mountain in the Teton Mountain Range and the second highest in Wyoming. Its what many would call a “starter mountain.” Experienced mountaineers can […]

Espírito Santo, Brazil: How I almost got arrested for stealing my own bag


  I got off the bus in a small town in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil, where I would change over to another bus on my way to Itaúnas for a famous forró festival. It was late at night, the skies were dark and the small dingy streets illuminated by artificial lights. I was 6 […]

Live in London or Die Trying


I now cherish time ever since time was nearly taken away from me. I am in the passenger seat, flustered and frustrated, wondering why the driver that the bride’s father hired keeps missing the proper turns. I have to photograph this wedding and I need to be on time. I politely ask why he’s not […]

A South African Adventure Leads to Authentic Living


An South African Adventure Leads to Authentic Living Last weekend I gave a presentation at a Singles Summit about online dating. This is something that, three years ago, would have seemed silly. But I was 39 then. I turned 40 in South Africa and that’s when life changed … or, more precisely, that’s when I […]