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A South African Adventure Leads to Authentic Living


An South African Adventure Leads to Authentic Living Last weekend I gave a presentation at a Singles Summit about online dating. This is something that, three years ago, would have seemed silly. But I was 39 then. I turned 40 in South Africa and that’s when life changed … or, more precisely, that’s when I […]

Hong Kong: From Dusk till Dawn


The evening sun – a vivid and striking shade of orange – descended behind a passel of skyscrapers, making way for the night that imperceptibly drew a blanket of darkness over the Hong Kong sky. As I stood there by the roadside, a lone figure cast in the shadow of dusk, I allowed the street […]

#RBQuests: Adventure in Western Puerto Rico

franks fan

I have traveled to Puerto Rico many times by ship and always enjoyed Old San Juan. This week traveling to film with Richard Bangs and Orbitz has taken me all over the island! In the West, we found underwater adventure and sunset in the dry forest on March 26, 2014. If you are wondering where […]

Watu Ondo Waterfalls in Indonesia

Watu Ondo

Twin bridges to twin waterfalls. A waterfall I encountered by luck makes the title of this piece I want to share with all travelers. My name is James HS Cameron, but like all people I know, you may call me Jem (gem stone). Growing up as a child I already figured out to have a […]

What African Adventures in Mozambique Taught Me


Africa. While there, I am acutely aware of my impermanence on the continent. Beginning from that foundation limits my tendency to procrastinate; it pushes me to live each day fuller. However, as I reflect on my relationship with the continent I wonder whether it is the physical space – or something more – that inspires […]

How 24 hours in Mongolia changed my entire life


The outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. An elongated, stout version of an early 90s style toyota mini-van stood courageously in front of me. Dark green in colour, and angry. This is no family vacation vehicle. It doesn’t know what the “school run” is. It has seen things that would make a lesser van turn and flee. […]

Grand Canyon, USA: A place for you and me


In the moment, I didn’t realized the impact beating twenty mules to the top of the Grand Canyon would have on my life, nor when I played for hours in a remote lake in Canada with sun fish swimming all around me as a kid, or the first time I saw a midget rattle snake […]

Guatemala: The River Cave Expedition

river cave

The River Cave Expedition is the first of series of expeditions we went on together with our friends, the Friendship crew and the Czechs, on the north and west shores of Lago Izabal, Guatemala’s biggest lake where we sailed together for two weeks. The members of the River Cave Expedition include four adults, one teenager, […]

New Zealand: New Zen

Maori Carving

New Zealand New Zen The inspiration to travel was first beckoned by New Zealand. There isn’t a single one point that was the calling, but rather the entire entity of the spirit. Perhaps it was the incredibly intrinsic Maori culture hosting a melting pot of peoples across the world. After finally making the trip of […]

Norway: Luck, the Aurora and Me


Luck, the Aurora and Me: An Experience of the Northern Lights Embarking on the ferry from Copenhagen that took me overnight to Norway ignited that sickeningly sweet adrenaline rush of anticipation that comes only when something you have looked forward to for so long suddenly becomes real. I mean, Norway?! The Northern Lights can be […]