Vietnam snapshot: The hue to adventure

April 23rd, 2016


So we, two lively backpackers, or as I labelled us budding ‘Rational Internationals’ were on our way to Huế (pronounced ‘Hway’), an understated city in the centre of Vietnam. The cosy flipside to the pandemonium of Hanoi. Puns such as ‘Hue to go!’ would be common to the ear amongst Westerners. We’d been on a … Continued

Wandering through the magnificent boot shaped country, I believed I had stepped foot in a nineteenth century film with the sights of old brick stone structures, painted walls, narrow roads, and stained-glass churches. As a child, surrounded by new sights and smells, I was beyond curious about the new world I was witnessing and had … Continued

Surprise Mother!” My three children exclaimed. It was the day before Mother’s Day and they had something special planned for me. I was going to spend a glorious time at Lincoln Terrace Park (also known as Arthur S. Somers Park) on a photo shoot. We took a quick drive to start my photo shoot at … Continued

Pagudpud, Philippines….thank you!   My bare feet first touched the sands. It felt so warm, so comforting, and thought to myself how the sun must have done a pretty good job in warming up the ocean shores. The waves beckoned me to touch it, to feel it, see what it has to offer, and so … Continued

THE RAT It had not been an easy year. The three jobs I’d had since arriving in South-East Asia almost a year ago had been a comedy of errors. If errors include getting stitches from motorcycle crashes. The third job was on a small island in southern Thailand that had once been called “everything that … Continued

Where do you feel most grateful? Those holiday moments when I am excessively smothered with my families love, encompassed by the stark contrast of warmth emitted from the fireplace in comparison to the fresh, frigid gusts of Montanan snow flurrying against the windowpanes, I feel grateful. That ideal combination of unconditional love, both natural and … Continued

July 27, 2012, one year since the most devastating day of our lives, Erika and I wound our way toward Table Rock State Park north of Greenville, South Carolina. A gigantic rectangular granite expanse loomed in the distance. Cherokee legend honors this mountain as the dining table of the Great Spirit and the smaller mountain … Continued