The Abbey, UK

December 4th, 2014


  Stepping out of the St. James Park railway station in the center of London, I cringe against the crisp evening air and tighten my coat while lively navigating the crowd of people to avoid being trampled.  As I reach the top of Tothill Street, I glance down the street to where the Great West … Continued

HUMBLE Twenty-odd years ago, on a weekend winter escape from grad school in Denver, a friend and I drove three hours south, then west up 96, climbing the soaring Hardscrabble Canyon, and, not long afterward, setting eyes for the first time on the Wet Mountain Valley, its great expanse not yet scathed by human intent. The small towns … Continued

           With closed-eyes and an open mind, my mind takes me back to a time where strength and hopefulness overwhelmed me. The  silk-like sand tickled my toes beneath me, the faint sounds of the waves crashing into the rocks and the birds singing beautiful melodies echoed, creating the most soothing music to my ears. I … Continued

Traveling to Live Every time I travel to a different place in the world, rather it is a domestic or an international travel it affects me in multiple ways. I went from a very shy, quiet, and fearful girl, to a very adventurous young woman. When I come back to my hometown I try to … Continued

A remote pond sits in the midst of mint green luscious tall trees, filled with little beautiful songbirds singing the sweetest of tunes and gingerly hopping from one intertwined tree to another. The pond, pregnant with cool, crystal clear water pouring out from a young spring in the creavases on the grey, old, burdened mountain, … Continued