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Choosing When To Bloom in the Rainforest, Brazil


I rolled the seedpod around in my hand while Hugo positioned his frame to make for the best human trebuchet. Though I didn’t understand much Portuguese, the message that I “jogar como uma garota,” throw like a girl, came across clear. While he demonstrated how you must use your whole body to throw, I kept […]

To be a Judge of Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro. The city that has more love than Paris, more nightlight than Tokyo, more culture than Barcelona and more music than a New York City street. Rio is the city that only those willing to risk all will travel to, unless with a corporate credit card, business briefcase and a high luxury suite. […]

Amazon River: The place that makes me feels gratitude

Sunset on the Amazon, Wikipedia Photo

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a step. As such a popular adage once says that travelling is part of education. This means that education does not necessarily involved teaching and learning in class alone but also covers learning during travelling. As a result, Henry Miller stated that one’s destination is never […]

Brazilian Sunrise


I stepped off my first international flight at 4:39, along with nineteen other visitors from our small town. We sleepily boarded transpiration that would take us from the city to the jungle. Most of the travelers slept peacefully on the trolley. I sat in the front bench inspecting the strange landscape out the window. It […]

Argentina: The Mighty Waters


I felt the excitement building as we winged our way through a stunning sunset from Buenos Aires to Iguazu airport. The hotel set in lush sub-tropical gardens gave us a taste of what was to come. The next day our adventure began when a vehicle from the Lodge in the Yacutinga Reserve transported us from […]

How not to fall in love with Rio de Janeiro


Close your eyes. Don’t you dare look at the beaches, let alone the beautiful bodies that flood them. Don’t look at the smiles, at the pearly white teeth, at the beautiful bronzed bodies. Don’t look at the sun, period. At any time of the day, but particularly in the afternoon as it turns then sky […]

Brazil: Fishing for Piranhas


Brazil: Fishing for Piranhas The jungle is alive with the choir of singing bugs.  While floating our way down The Paraguay River on a boat in The Pantanal in southern Brazil, our guide, Pedro informs us that most of the time the choir of cicadas, katydids and crickets is almost deafening to the point that […]

Brazil: I Heart Bahia


It was New Year’s Eve. The stems of wilted, white and golden roses washed up on the shore and tickled my feet, offerings for Yemaya (the Sea Goddess) from the people of Salvador, Bahia. Everyone was dressed in white. I watched as people threw themselves into the Ocean, some fully clothed. A pulsating Spirit permeated […]

Japan: Forca Brasil

Brazil Protest Pic Nagoya June 2013-1

It wasn’t until the Japanese cover band performed “Stand by Me” that the Brazilian flags were raised, a blaze of electric yellow, green and blue waving gloriously against the clear skies of Nagoya’s late afternoon sunshine. Seated on a picnic table in Japan’s Central Park with a plate of yakitori, I watched as sixty or […]

Brazil: The Lost Island of Marajó

marajo malaria house

After a three-hour boat ride from Belém, I arrived on the world’s largest freshwater island, Marajó. Roughly the size of Switzerland, it also boasts a seat directly on the equator and a city, Anajás, with the most cases of malaria in all of Brazil. I didn’t visit Anajás, but Soure, another of Marajo’s sparse towns. […]